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Custom Theme Auto Preview Generator

Cha0s Em3rald Oct 12, 2015

  1. Cha0s Em3rald

    Cha0s Em3rald is a Verified  MemberCha0s Em3rald Chaos Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 1, 2015
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    Custom Theme Auto Preview Generator

    this release was originally posted on GBA Temp here

    Thanks for releasing it & for allowing me to share it on 3DS Chaos goes to d0k3

    Mainly out of my own need, I put together a little something to automagically generate previews for custom themes (in extdata format). This will use the backgrounds included in the body_LZ.bin file to generate CHMM compatible preview.png files. Alongside the preview.png, it will also generate a visual 'catalog' of your themes (= a folder with correctly named previews of all your themes) for easier selection from PC.

    The attached file contains a small programm that I wrote myself (3DSthmXtb, source code included), DSdecmp (by barubary), Basic Image Converter (by MaQleod) and batch files to make usage as easy as possible. UPDATE: Starting with v0.3, this now also generates the info.smdh file used by CHMM v2.x. The package now also includes NConvert (replaces MaQleods convert, by XnSoftware team) and smdhtool (by 3dstools).

    This will work on Windows 7/8/8.1 only! Also, it will not process 'solid color themes', however noone makes these, anyways.

    How to use

    • Extract all the files from the attached archive into your theme base folder. Your 'theme base folder' is the folder that contains, inside subfolders, your custom themes. Or, in other words, don't extract it to the folder containing body_LZ.bin, extract it to the folder above that. I guess if you managed to get CHMM running, you understand what is meant.
    • To process a single custom theme: Drag and drop the themes folder onto 'process.bat'.
    • To process all the themes in the theme base folder: Just run 'process_all_folders.bat'.
    That's it! Pretty simple, isn't it? Still, be aware that this will overwrite files without confirmation. Don't keep anything important inside your themes folders. And, don't come whining to me if this overwrites your other previews - you have been warned.


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