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FunKeyCIA - Make GOOD cias from eshop content - No tickets needed

Cha0s Em3rald Apr 21, 2016

  1. Cha0s Em3rald

    Cha0s Em3rald is a Verified  MemberCha0s Em3rald Chaos Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 1, 2015
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    FunKeyCIA - Make GOOD cias from eshop content - No tickets needed

    This thread was originally posted here on GBATemp

    Thanks go to cearp for creating the tool & for allowing me to repost it on 3DS Chaos for all our users to enjoy

    A NEW big update to FunKeyCIA!
    It can now create tickets only (use -ticketsonly)
    It can now accept a encTitleKeys.bin file as input, have the file in the same directory as FunKeyCIA.
    Use -keyfile to read the file, OR use -nfskeyfile and the latest fresh encTitleKeys.bin straight from 3ds.nfsho... will be downloaded and used :)
    You can use -all to go through everything, or -title and write multiple title ids that you want to download.
    You can still use a single title id and key if you want :)

    I'm removing the download from the OP, 932 downloads, that was fast :O thanks guys

    Please download the latest file from cearps github.

    Here is FunKeyCIA!
    This is not a replacement for FunkyCIA, which uses the ticket.db/tickets to download titles and create good CIAs.
    This tool lets you enter a Title ID and an Encrypted Title Key to download and build a good CIA.
    The Encrypted Title Key can be obtained straight from the ticket.db.

    This tool will unlock stuff, the DLC cias, everything will be unlocked, and with demos, the limits are removed.

    When I say GOOD CIA, I mean a cia that will not interfere with eshop downloads.
    For example, download a GOOD CIA of an update. In the future, that update can gets updated. You download the new update from eshop, it installs fine.
    You can delete the installed game if you want, and still redownload it via eshop!
    With a BAD CIA (like from plaicdn), eshop will give you an error at 99% if you try to update/redownload via eshop.

    This tool, like FunkyCIA, will not lose any of the data of the content, for example, the manual, download play ability, etc.
    This tool, like FunkyCIA, you can build any content, DSiware, updates, DLC... unlike plaicdn.

    I created FunkyCIA (and now FunKeyCIA) so that the community could share better CIAs, because CDNto3DS was not a good option.
    The method it uses is bad, the method is meant for raw content, not for eshop content. plaicdn uses this old method, so it is a new tool, but uses old methods, it is a step backwards for cia creation and the community.

    CIAs created with FunKeyCIA, like FunkyCIA, will have the same hash/checksum each time.
    If using plaicdn, the hash will be different each time, not good for verifying etc...

    I hope in the future some cfw/dev will discover what is stopping us from installing personal legit CIAs, as made by FunkyCIA. Then we can have our 'true'/'lossless'/'perfect' CIA backups.

    ENCRYPTED KEY not decrypted key


    ENCRYPTED KEY not decrypted key

    Use Decrypt9 to dump your encrypted title keys :)

    Download FunKeyCIA at my github

    Newest FunkyCIA, FunKeyCIA and CIAngel - https://github.com/llakssz/
  2. Ditto_

    Ditto_ Member

    Nov 4, 2016
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    THANK YOU!! Ive really wanted to get cia of that internal "amiibo lottery" app!
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