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How to DUMP games bought from eshop for Gateway 3DS

Cha0s Em3rald Oct 13, 2015

  1. Cha0s Em3rald

    Cha0s Em3rald is a Verified  MemberCha0s Em3rald Chaos Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 1, 2015
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    How to DUMP games bought from eshop for Gateway 3DS

    Here's another method for dumping eshop games I found on the net

    A new SD card is needed and named dumpSD in the below artical.

    3DSWare easy Dump.zip

    Vidzi - Fast Free Host

    Tutorial step by step:
    1.(1)The path in make_SDgen.bat running parameter is the path connecting dumpSD card to computer.
    (2)Please copy all of the contents in SD card, folder 00040000 of title and game number folders to dumpSD card before you run make_SDgen.bat.
    (3)Create SDinfo.bin after you put files into dumpSD.
    (4)Copy the SDinfo.bin to the ROOT directory of dumpSD card.

    2.Copy Launcher.dat, MsetForBoss.dat, slot0x25KeyX.bin to the ROOT directory of dumpSD card.

    3.Run it like Gateway 3DS and choose SD padgen. Turn the 3DS off forcely and pull out the SD card after operation finished then connect it to PC. You will see lots of files like title.00040000.00072000.000000**.app.xorpad.

    4.(1)Copy all the serial number as same as ***.app.xorpad and a ***.tmd.xorpad as well as all not decrypted ***.app and ***.tmd source documents which match to the game ID folder in the title of Nintendo 3DS folder to this folder.
    (2)Right click on the xor_out.bat to modify and handle the order.
    padxorer 000000XX.app title.00040000.[Game ID].content.000000XX.app.xorpad
    Such as Fire Emblem
    padxorer 00000001.app title.00040000.00072000.content.00000001.app.xorpad
    padxorer 00000002.app title.00040000.00072000.content.00000002.app.xorpad
    padxorer 00000000.tmd title.00040000.00072000.content.00000000.tmd.xorpad
    (3)Create 000000XX.app.out and 000000XX.tmd.out after finished.

    5.(1)Copy the ***.app.out and ***.tmd.out created in step4 to this folder. Then delete ".out" as ***.app and ***.tmd.
    (2)Right click on the make3ds.bat to edit and modify it to the corresponding tmd file and card form(Parameter is card1 of card2), makerom_x86.exe should be used if your PC system is a 32-bit operating system via only changing the name.
    For example: SDto3DS.py 00000000.tmd card2
    (3)Save and exit. Create Game ID.3ds after run make3ds.bat. For example 0004000000072000.3ds created after run Fire Emblem.

    The things should be noticed:
    1.Emunand 9.X and firmware V4.X must be in the same encryption way.That is to say, Firmware V4.X and Emunand V9.x never had to restore the factory settings.
    2.Only support dump the first time. The rom created by dump cannot work if you operate in accordance with above steps after installed the things which has been made as CIA.
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