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The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes (E) Cheats 0004000000177000

Rohul1997 Feb 11, 2016

  1. Rohul1997

    Rohul1997 is a Verified  MemberRohul1997 Chaos Elite Member Staff Member Super Moderator

    Oct 7, 2015
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    [Infinite Energy v2.1.0 O3DS]
    D3000000 30000000
    02849744 44160000

    [Infnite Fairies v2.1.0 O3DS]
    D3000000 30000000
    02D81F94 0000000A

    [Outfit Changer (R+Left/R+Right) v2.1.0 O3DS]
    This code changes the costume of your character from anywhere in the game. However using this code online will kick you out of an online game. The cycle seems to be a bit fast and so you must quickly press the key combinations. When using this code you won't see the outfit change but you will get the powers for it. After moving onto a different screen the outfit will change. Here is the order of the outfits with R+Left going back and R+Right going forward and this is all in a loop.
    Bear Minimum Digs
    Sword Suit
    Kokiri Clothes
    Legendary Dress
    Goron Garb
    Zora Costume
    Queen Of Hearts
    Big Bomb Outfit
    Energy Gear
    Cosy Parka
    Spin Attack Attire
    Ninja Gi
    Rupee Regalia
    Tri Suit
    Lucky Loungewear
    Torrent Robe
    Lady's Ensemble
    Semi-Cursed Tights
    Timeless Tunic
    Light Armour
    Cheetah Costume
    Jack Of Hearts
    Hero's Tunic
    Gust Garb
    Dunewalker Duds
    Robo Wear
    Fire Blazer
    Tingle Tights
    Serpent's Toga
    Sword Master Suit
    Dapper Spinner Kit
    Cheer Outfit
    Cacto Clothes
    Linebeck's Uniform
    Fierce Deity Mail
    DD000000 00000110
    D3000000 30000000
    528495E4 00000325
    D9000000 028495E4
    D4000000 FFFFFFDB
    D6000000 028495E4
    D3000000 30000000
    5284A2E0 00002500
    D9000000 0284A2E0
    D4000000 FFFFDB00
    D6000000 0284A2E0
    D2000000 00000000
    DD000000 00000120
    D3000000 30000000
    528495E4 00000300
    D9000000 028495E4
    D4000000 00000025
    D6000000 028495E4
    D3000000 30000000
    5284A2E0 00000000
    D9000000 0284A2E0
    D4000000 00002500
    D6000000 0284A2E0
    D2000000 00000000
    DD000000 00000110
    D3000000 30000000
    328495E4 00000325
    D9000000 028495E4
    D4000000 00000001
    D6000000 028495E4
    D3000000 30000000
    3284A2E0 00002500
    D9000000 0284A2E0
    D4000000 00000100
    D6000000 0284A2E0
    D2000000 00000000
    DD000000 00000120
    D3000000 30000000
    428495E4 00000300
    D9000000 028495E4
    D4000000 FFFFFFFF
    D6000000 028495E4
    D3000000 30000000
    4284A2E0 00000000
    D9000000 0284A2E0
    D4000000 FFFFFFFF
    D6000000 0284A2E0
    D2000000 00000000

    [Outfit Modifier v2.1.0 O3DS]
    Replace the "XX" values with your desired outfit chosen from below. For example, if you wanted to use Timeless Tunic outfit then the code would be written like this:
    028495E4 00000314
    0284A2E0 00001400
    00 - Bear Minimum Digs
    01 - Sword Suit
    02 - Kokiri Clothes
    03 - Legendary Dress
    04 - Showstopper
    05 - Goron Garb
    06 - Zora Costume
    07 - Queen Of Hearts
    08 - Big Bomb Outfit
    09 - Energy Gear
    0A - Cosy Parka
    0B - Spin Attack Attire
    0C - Ninja Gi
    0D - Rupee Regalia
    0E - Boomeranger
    0F - Tri Suit
    10 - Lucky Loungewear
    11 - Torrent Robe
    12 - Lady's Ensemble
    13 - Semi-Cursed Tights
    14 - Timeless Tunic
    15 - Light Armour
    16 - Cheetah Costume
    17 - Jack Of Hearts
    18 - Hero's Tunic
    19 - Gust Garb
    1A - Hammerwear
    1B - Dunewalker Duds
    1C - Robo Wear
    1D - Fire Blazer
    1E - Tingle Tights
    1F - Serpent's Toga
    20 - Sword Master Suit
    21 - Dapper Spinner Kit
    22 - Cheer Outfit
    23 - Cacto Clothes
    24 - Linebeck's Uniform
    25 - Fierce Deity Mail
    028495E4 000003XX
    0284A2E0 0000XX00
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2016
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