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[Tutorial] Setting up Reinand CFW from scratch w/ Cubic Ninja

usernametaken Oct 8, 2015

  1. usernametaken

    usernametaken New Member

    Oct 7, 2015
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    Here is a Tutorial for installing the Mset exploit & setting up Emunand + Reinand cfw 2.0 with a title manager on a N3DS

    Guide includes installing with Gateway & without Gateway.

    I've included everything you'll need in one .rar which will be uploaded to Pastebin.
    With the direct Mega link Here.

    Password is: GBATEMP

    If you'd like to give the Tutorial a look over before downloading the pack: View attachment Tut.doc

    For those who would like to update their Emunand to 9.5.0-23, all files are included with instructions Here.

    Q: What is the highest system firmware that Reinand will work on?
    A: 9.2 is the highest firmware that any cfw will work on.
    Q: What is the highest firmware I can update to on my Emunand?
    A: Currently the highest firmware the N3DS can use in Emunand is 9.5.0-23
    Q: I have an O3DS, can I use this cfw?
    A: Reinand is now N3DS exclusive, for O3DS you want rxTools.
    Q: What will this cfw allow me to do?
    A: Play installed games as .cia from either the Emunand or Sysnand (Using the Emunand is highly advised.) Install updates & DLC in .cia format.
    Q: I've installed an out of region game (.cia) but it's not showing up, what's wrong?
    A: Reinand is currently a bare-bones cfw, if you want to play out of region games, after installing you'll need to use FreeMultiPatcher or NTR 3.0 which adds Region Free to the cfw (Until you reboot).
    Q: Can I access the e-shop even though the firmware can only go to 9.5.0-23 in Emunand?
    A: With FreeMultiPatcher linked above, yes. Works on Sysnand as well with signatures patched (Rei Sys).
    Q: Can I turn on my N3DS and have it boot straight to Emunand?
    A: No, currently there is no cfw that allows you to cold boot into Emunand, you'll need to launch the cfw from Homebrew menu or by using the Profile exploit each time you turn on your System.
    Q: How do I install other Title managers such as BigBlueMenu & FBI to my Emunand?
    A: With the Title manager Devmenu in your Emunand.

    Creator of this awesome cfw: Reisyukaku
    Big thanks for helping revise / correcting errors: gamesquest1
    Creating FBI: Steveice10
    Creating the Unofficial FBI ROP loader: gamesquest1
    Creator of Ninjhax: Smealum
    Pasta cfw team
    The Gateway team
    Gateway N3DS Mset Tutorial over at Maxconsole: liomajor
  2. Cha0s Em3rald

    Cha0s Em3rald is a Verified  MemberCha0s Em3rald Chaos Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 1, 2015
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    Thanks for sharing :cool:
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