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[Tutorial] Sky3ds+ Private Header

redredshadowredred Sep 16, 2016

  1. redredshadowredred

    redredshadowredred New Member

    Sep 4, 2016
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    First things first:

    My English is very poor, so please excuse that.

    Dont be scared, its very easy to play online ! These things must only be done once !

    Q : Ok, what do i need?

    A : You need a Sky3ds+ wit 112 Firmware and, of course a 3DS

    Q : Ok, go on, what else ?

    A : A Private Header – The fastest way is buy one legit from someone you know and trust.

    Q : How many Headers do I need ?

    A : Only one … the game doenst matter ! You can buy hello kitty for 3 bucks, doenst matter (but the 3DS version of course) ! But you need an unused Header – that single Header can play all Roms online ! It doesn’t matter if its an “online” or “offline” 3DS game !

    Ok, you don’t know a HeaderDealer (like me^^) ? No problemo, you need to buy a 3DS Powersave and you need one original Game Cartridge.

    Here is a GBAtemp Tutorial 4 the Header extraction:

    [Tutorial] Get your private header using PowerSaves.

    Q : I got my Header, whats next ?

    A : Ok, now we need to know which Manufacture ID your game got !

    Q : Y ?

    A : Every Header has its own ID-Sign ... you must know it to modify your *.cfg

    You need Sky Army Knife v151 and the Sky3ds+ template file (download @ Sky3ds.com) and a Rom version of your Header.

    Sky Army Knife v.1.5.1 download (201.5KB) » 3DS Utilities - FileTrip

    Open Sky Army Knife and a rom version of your Header Game(if your Header is Street Fighter, download Streetfighter rom).

    Open that Street Fighter rom

    Here you can see it is an "C2" ...

    There are 3 different Cardridge Manufactures:

    C2 = Macronix
    AE = OKI Semiconductor
    45 = SanDisk.

    You can play with any Game-Header but may you need to change some tiny things

    So, for example …if you got your Header form Super Streetfighter 4 – Super Streetfighter 4 has an “45” ID – so you CANNOT play Pokemon Ruby online … but why ?

    Well, more then 96 % of all Roms are manufactured by “C2”, so if you wanna play with your Super Streetfighter Header, you must modify your Sky3ds+ cfg

    Q : How

    A : First, open your settings on your sky3ds Micro SD - you will find something like this

    DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY= < enter here your header
    CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1 < important ... copy and paste that

    Now, save and cycle all your Sky3ds games, every rom now got a *.cfg

    Street Fighter.3ds
    Street Fighter.cfg

    open the cfg, you will find this

    CART_ID=45F80090 < its a "45" ID ... just rename it to c2
    GAMESAVE_KEY= < header here


    GAMESAVE_KEY= < header here

    aaaaaand thats it

    Phu ...
    NeoGamer likes this.
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