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[Tutorial] Transferring save between different regions [Ex: JP to USA]

MattKimura Jun 30, 2016

  1. MattKimura

    MattKimura is a Verified  MemberMattKimura Chaos Fanatic Staff Member VIP

    Oct 7, 2015
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    It's possible to transfer save files from one region to another, through an app called JK Save Manager. SVDT also, but for the sake of this tutorial I will be using JK Save Manager. This is nothing new, I just decided to write up a tutorial for those who are new to the scene and are wondering how to transfer saves. Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus is an example of a Japanese game, in which you could export & Import it's save into the USA/EUR version of Rhythm Heaven Megamix. Basically, the saves you export can be imported on any region of the game. Also anybody can import the save, not just you. So feel free to share your saves with the community!

    Note: It's been reported that not every game can have it's save transferred, such as Monster Hunter 4G to MH4U for example. Most games can have it's save transferred though.


    JK Save Manager

    Exporting the save

    1) Install JK Save Manager's cia and launch the app
    2) Let JK Save Manager load up your list of titles. Choose refresh games if necessary. For every new game you install on your 3DS, you'll have to refresh this list for it to show up at all. It basically cache's your list of games forever.
    3) Go to "SD/Cia" and choose the game that you plan to export from
    4) Choose "Export save" and choose "new". Name it anything you want, I prefer to name mine based on the date
    5) Now look for the other game you wish to import the save to and export the save
    (Note: You must have launched the game at least once for it to create save data, before you'll be able to export this save)
    6) Keep pressing B until the app exits out

    Importing the save

    1) Put your SD card into a computer (This step can also be done with CTRXplorer on your 3DS if you know how to use it)
    2) Navigate into "SD:/JKSV/Saves/(NameofGame)/
    3) Once in the game's folder, copy all files in this directory
    4) Go back once, and go into the target game's folder that you wish to import the save for
    5) Paste the files here, and choose replace.
    6) Put the SD back into the 3DS and launch JK Save Manager
    7) Go to "SD/Cia", then your target game that you're importing for
    8) Choose "Import save file" and it will import the save
    9) Keep pressing B until it exits out
    10) Launch your game and see if the save file works (Which it should)

    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
  2. mosaab

    mosaab New Member

    Oct 17, 2016
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    thanks that was so helpful :)
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