Forum Rules

General Rules
General Rules
  1. This is an English speaking site, posting in other languages is not allowed.
  2. Please be friendly to other users of the site, treat them how you would wish to be treated yourself.
  3. Do your best to help out new users of the site & new users to the 3DS hacking scene, remember we were all noobs to this sort of stuff once & no one knows absolutely everything.
  4. Swearing is not permitted on this site either, we want to keep the site clean for users of all ages.
  5. If you find a broken link, please contact the Original creator of the thread first, then use the "Report" button saying it's broken to have staff follow up with the uploader.
  6. Do not ask "How do I reveal the downloads" ; Instead read this guide we provide you!


Account Rules

Shared accounts

These are not allowed on our site, multiple users have been found to be using shared logins on our site, accounts on Chaos Gamez should only be used by one user only, any accounts added to shared accounts sites will be removed as they are posted.

Multiple accounts

No user should be setting up multiple accounts on our site, any users trying to set up multiple accounts are picked up by our system & the accounts will be removed.

If you are having problems with your account please do not attempt to set up a new one, contact a member of the admin team & we will look into the problem for you.

Inappropriate usernames

On Chaos Gamez we have users of all ages & we want to keep our site clean & suitable for users of all ages, a large amount of accounts have already been removed due to having inappropriate usernames including swear words etc & any more users found with accounts like this will also be banned.

If you have made an account on our site & you think the username you have chosen may be inappropriate or cause offence to other members please feel free to contact a member of the admin/moderation team for it to be reviewed & changed if deemed necessary

Temporary emails

These should not be used to set up accounts on our site, these emails will now be detected during the set up of any new accounts & any accounts users attempt to set up using one of these email accounts will be declined. If you already have an account set up with one of these email accounts please change it & feel free to contact a member of the admin team if you need help with it.

From time to time we may send emails to our members through our messaging system & a working email account will also be required to verify your account & change your password

Failure to follow these rules could result in warnings or infractions being issued or with you being banned from our site
Content Posting Rules
Content Posting Rules
  1. Downloads on this site are to be shared through filehosts, direct links only, the use of pay per click sites (ie. Adf ly & link bucks) is not allowed.
  2. Downloads that are .txt, .doc, or any other document type of files that have more download links are not allowed.
  3. The posting of torrent, Magnet, & NZB files is also not allowed.
  4. You are free to use what ever host you choose, members should not complain about a filehost a user/uploader has chosen to host their files on, should you find a complaint in one of your posts/threads please use the report button at the bottom of the post & the post/member will be dealt with by a member of staff.
Please protect your download links with the Hide-Thanks code - more info here

Re-posting content of others
  1. If you are going to post content that is not yours (this includes tuts, guides, cia, roms etc) please give credit to the original poster of the content.
  2. Please do not steal others work & pass it off as your own, this includes re-posting it on other websites.
If you are found doing this you will be banned from our site.

Outside Links Rules - Chaos Community Sites
  1. The posting of links or names of competing websites is not allowed on this site, this includes having another download website name as the password to un-rar/zip the files you have uploaded & shared on our site.
  2. Promoting websites that sell flashcards is not permitted either, should you own a flashcard site & wish to place an ad please contact a member of the admin team.
Other website names that are allowed are as follows
  1. All filehost sites
  2. All sites that post news about 3DS consoles & games (ie. Nintendo Life, Nintendo Everything, IGN, N4G etc)
  3. Amazon & eBay
  4. Twitter & Facebook
  5. GBA Temp
  6. Max Console
  9. NinjHAX website
  10. Github

  11. Should the site you want to include in your post not be included in the list above please contact a member of staff & they will decide if the link can be posted or not.
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