[3DS News] Return to PopoloCrois coming to Europe in Q1 2016 via the Nintendo eShop

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    Marvelous is bringing Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale for 3DS to Europe and Australia in Q1 2016 as a Nintendo eShop-exclusive, the publisher announced.

    In North America, the game is due out both physically and digitally this winter via publisher XSEED Games. Retailers have it listed for a February 16 release.

    Get the Europe announcement trailer and fact sheet below.



    It’s Prince Pietro’s 13th birthday, and all the people of PopoloCrois have come out to celebrate! But among them is a very special guest: Marmela, a representative from an otherworldly kingdom called Galariland. Her country has been ravaged by shadowy creatures who corrupt the soil, preventing crops from growing – and since this same phenomenon has been occurring in PopoloCrois as well, the king now seeks her counsel.

    Her expert opinion? Prince Pietro should visit Galariland personally as an ambassador for PopoloCrois, to see the damage first-hand and learn all the ways the Galari people are fighting back. But once he’s there, he finds there’s no way back home, and his princely name holds little sway over the long-suffering people of this new world.

    Forced to take up residence in an abandoned farmhouse on a forgotten plot of land, Pietro works to cultivate the desolate, darkness-stricken earth and bring life back to Galariland one field at a time. His ultimate goal is to resurrect the Goddess Galariel so he can drive back the darkness and return to PopoloCrois – but the road ahead will be a long and difficult one filled with hardships, adventure, farming, robots, wolves, bugs, betrayal, romance, friends both new and old, and a whole lot of fairydust…


    Hybrid RPG gameplay! Face the darkness that plagues the land in intense tactical, turn-based combat, revitalise the fields and harvest the fruits of your hard labor!
    Explore diverse environments! No mountain is too cold, no forest too large and no tower too imposing for brave young Pietro! Can you overcome all the challenges of this breathtaking world?
    Full, top-notch English localisation! Listen to the original Japanese voices or enjoy complete English dubbing.
    Hours of entertainment! With dozens of quests to complete, items to collect and objects to craft, this is an experience that will keep you glued to the screen for a long, long

    Source: Gematsu​
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