Adventure Time - Stakes (The Feature Length Edit)

Discussion in 'CIA Format 3D Movies & Moflex Injections' started by duffmmann, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. duffmmann

    duffmmann Member

    Aug 5, 2016
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    So let me start by stating this isn't technically a moflex video file, its actually a video file I had made with Rinnegatamante's video channel creator before we got access to the developer tools to create actual moflex videos. As such the video controls aren't quite up to par with moflex, and the video is larger than if I were to have made it as a moflex video. Still its a good release I put on a different site a few months ago, recently became aware of this site and only thought it right that I share what I did here as well, seems like the least I could do.

    If you're a fan of Adventure Time, you may be aware that earlier this season they had a miniseries known as Stakes, it was 8 eleven minute episodes, that when combined make the length of a movie, though it was never presented in such a format, and I was unable to find any edits by any fans out there. So that's what I did, I took it upon myself, I cut the episodes together, removing all the intros and outros except for the first intro and last outro. With 4 games on the 3DS, Adventure Time seemed like a no-brainer to bring over as a movie to the 3DS. I also wanted my upload to be something special, not something that can be streamed with available services like Netflix, Youtube, or even free websites like KissCartoon and KissAnime. This cut was originally just for me, but when I saw the Video Channel Creator, I had to try and convert it that way, and once I saw the success that it was I knew I had to share what I had created. (side note: if you're hankering for a real Adventure Time movie in the theaters, there is indeed one in development. When that does happen, I'll likely turn that into a 3DS video as well, though that shouldn't be for quite a while).

    It is 961 MB, so if you don't have much room left, you may not be interested in this, those of you with more space available should check it out though, I love it personally.

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  2. Akawashi

    Akawashi Moflex Video Uploader
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    Apr 5, 2016
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    I shall give it a try :) will let you know how it plays... (BTW, i found some alternatives to using Moflex... One is VCC. (I Used jpgvthon+VCC)
    Another is using Virtual Machine (See my "How to run x64 Bit Software on a x32(x86) Bit Operating System" Thread in the Tutorials Section, (There's Also a link in my Battle of Gods Thread in this section)
    The Third?... Check this Page (If you're on a x32bit OS, this page is a tutorial to check what cpu u have (x32 or x64) and if ur CPU Can handle a x64 bit OS. Then Make a Windows 10 x64 bit installation disc (I'm using a win 7 disc i already have) and swap from x32 to x64 os :) )
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