BioShock Remastered Graphics Compared in New Video

Discussion in 'General News' started by News Bot, Aug 17, 2016.

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    With the release of BioShock: The Collection only a month away, 2K has released a video comparing the remastered version of the first game with the Xbox 360 original. You can see it for yourself in the video above.

    The video shows off BioShock's opening scenes in both their original and remastered forms. From the plane ride and swimming towards the lighthouse to diving into the depths of the ocean and arriving at Rapture, the trailer shows a much sharper-looking version of the first game. The video then ends with a montage of scenes and gameplay from all three BioShock games.

    BioShock: The Collection features remastered versions of all three games in the series and all of their single-player DLC--BioShock 2's multiplayer is not included. It releases on September 13 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC as a standalone product, while those on PC who already own the games will receive upgraded versions for free.

    If you already own BioShock, BioShock 2, and/or the Minerva's Den DLC on Steam, you'll be upgraded to the remastered versions once The Collection releases. BioShock Infinite is not set for a remaster on PC, as "it already meets current-gen consoles standards and runs smoothly on high visual settings," 2K says.

    Additionally, the three games run at 1080p and "up to" 60 FPS on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out new screenshots of the three BioShock games on PS4 below.


    As far as quality goes, BioShock received a score of 9 in GameSpot's review for its "absolutely amazing atmosphere and visual design," BioShock 2 got an 8.5 for being "fantastically atmospheric and creepy," and BioShock Infinite earned itself a score of 9 for not only being a quality game but an important one for its depiction of "uncomfortable, relevant themes in an effective way."

    You can read our preview of BioShock: The Collection here. GameSpot's Alex Newhouse said, "BioShock: The Collection is shaping up to be a fantastic monument to the series. In my time with the three games, I realized that this is so much more than simply a remaster of a beloved title. It's a preservation effort--a way to experience a series that meant so much to so many people and that influenced future games in so many ways."

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