Release CTRXplorer - Open Source SD File Manager

Discussion in '3DS Homebrew' started by Cha0s Em3rald, Oct 12, 2015.

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    CTRXplorer - Open Source SD File Manager

    This was originally posted on GBA Temp here

    Thanks goes to d0k3 for releasing it & for allowing me to re-post it on 3DS Chaos

    CTRXplorer is an open source SD file manager. Its design is based around the UI functions of the excellent ctrcommon library by @Steveice10. So, if you have been a FBI user in the past, it may look familiar to you. It's goal is to be a simple, functional tool for managing your files without any unneeded bloat.

    Current public version: v0.8.7
    Release history


    • Delete single/mulitple files (tap X)
    • Rename files (hold X)
    • Copy single/multiple files (tap Y)
    • Move single/multiple files (hold Y)
    • Create directories (tap R)
    • Generate dummy files (hold R)
    • Display files in a hex viewer (press A)



    A Word of Warning:

    This is a fully capable file manager, and as such per definition a powerful tool. While its implementation tries to prevent you from accidentially doing anything stupid, it still assumes you know what you're doing. For example, nothing (except from a quick confirmation prompt) will prevent you from just deleting the "Nintendo 3DS" folder. While being thoroughly tested and in daily use by a growing number of users, I can still not fully exclude that there are some bugs left. In short: I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong while you're using CTRXplorer.

    More Info:

    The binaries download contains 3DSX, 3DS and CIA files. I myself have never tested CIA and 3DS, but there's no reason why these shouldn't work for you. If you're confused about how to access some of CTRXplorers functionality, pay attention to the instructions on top. Tap (or (t)) means to press the button shortly, Hold (or (h)) means holding the button for a moment.

    If you should find any bugs, have some ideas or want something working differently, you may ask in this thread or directly edit the source on GitHub. Also, keep in mind that a mobile file manager has its limitations, and some operations (like renaming a lot of files or moving around big files) should better be done on PC via a card reader.

    And to the Developers Among You:

    Everything about CTRXplorer has been designed to be as easily reusable (in other projects, too) as possible. Function interfaces are written to fit in with the ctrcommon library and work pretty well alongside the functionality of that. Also, my license won't hinder you in any way.

    Not So Frequently Asked Questions:

    "I don't like the renaming tool, why is there no virtual keyboard?"
    Sorry, but I can't be bothered to implement a virtual keyboard. Also, while the name input dialogue may seem crude at first, it does it's job very well once you get familiar with it, and on top of that it's much more flexible (for the developer) than a virtual keyboard would be.

    "Why is copying files so slow?"
    The 3DS internal hardware doesn't allow for more speed. Correct me if I'm wrong (if there's a faster method I'll implement it). It's basically the same problem as with FBI, where people regularily complain about CIA installation being awfully slow.

    "Why can't I receive / manage files via network?"
    ftBrony already does a better job at this than CTRXplorer could ever do. It is highly unlikely that CTRXplorer will ever get any network functionality.

    "Why can't I view videos and images and/or listen to audio?"
    An internal media player goes beyond the scope of CTRXplorer, which has the goal to be just a simple, no-bloat file manager. If you absolutely must have media play capabilities, I suggest you take a look at Sunshell.

    "I know how to improve that. / I found a bug."
    That's great! In fact, participation is encouraged. So, if you find a bug or know of a way to improve CTRXplorer, discuss it in the thread and/or edit the source code on GitHub.
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