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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is packed with rooms to unlock, laptops to hack, and safes to break into. While it's encouraged to search the environment for the passwords required to open these things, we understand that there are those among you who might be stumped over where to find them. That's why we've gathered a vast number of passwords used to unlock locations in the game for your reference and overall convenience. Check them out below, and be sure to check back as we update this article with additional passwords. In addition, if you've found any passwords we're missing, let us know in the comments!

    For more on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, check out our recent stories below, and be sure to check back often as we update this article with more news and features.

    DubaiSecond Floor Storage Area4801
    Zelen Apartment #22Door to Atrium on First Floor0310
    Zelen Apartment #41Josef Servern's Computerthevoidwhichbinds
    Zelen Apartment #23Hidden safe behind fridge (Movable only with Augmentation)9002
    Zelen Apartment #23Teresa Petrauskas' Computerkrodine
    Capek Fountain StationTicket Booth Door Keypad3998
    Konicky & Hracky Toys factorySecurity Hub1980
    Konicky & Hracky Toy FactorySafe inside Mini Storage2489
    Konicky & Hracky Toy FactoryLocker1998
    Svobody Beer PubBasement Door (Can also be earned via Owner's Side Mission)1015
    Tourist Information CenterTourist Information Center Door1591
    Palisade Sewer Fourth FloorCasino Safe4863
    Palisade Sewer Fourth FloorCasino Security Hubotarminator
    Tech NoirStorage2469
    North PragueVadim Orlov's Safe3608
    TaskForce 29Storage Locker6354
    TaskForce 29Safe near Shooting Range2023
    TaskForce 29Door to IT Support Area5545
    TaskForce 29Computer in Server RoomClod04sfd8s
    TaskForce 29Ethan's ComputerFrakkingUpTheA
    TaskForce 29Aria Argento's Computertuscany2023
    TaskForce 29Dr. Jennifer Phillips' Computerneuropozyne
    TaskForce 29Peter Chang's ComputerAphasia5689
    TaskForce 29Infirmary Storage Room Safe4822
    TaskForce 29Vincent Black's ComputerOrigami1970
    TaskForce 29Duncan Macready's ComputerSharp007
    Ruzicka StationDoor to Maintenance Room0808
    Ruzicka StationSecurity Room8066
    Ruzicka StationSecurity Room ComputerDELLAROCCA
    Ruzicka StationTicket Booth TerminalANTARES
    The Utulek ComplexDr. Martine Onzime's Safe on Fourth Floor9990
    The Utulek ComplexPolice Barracks on Third Floor2223
    The Utulek ComplexMedical Area on Third Floor6123
    The ThroatLaser Terminal3354
    ARC Living QuartersSecurity Gate3468
    ARC Living QuartersComputer in Room 350420Vm451
    ARC OperationsMini-Storage on Second Floor2544
    ARC OperationsKvido Barkus' Computer on Second Floorou812
    ARC OperationsMarek's Computer on Second Floorpozy45
    ARC OperationsViktor Marchenko's Computer on Second Floorstrmsrg
    Ty ZahradaSecurity Terminal on Fifth Floorraptor
    Pilgrim StationEmployee Only Area9143
    Time MachineDoor to Koller's Storage1984
    Samizdat’s OfficeDoor to Office5431
    Cybercrimes OfficeSelina Carter's Laptop7734
    Lekarna PharmacyNicholas Cipra's Computerowningthedevil
    Palisade BankExecutive Services Room9593
    Palisade BankExecutive Vault Room A081305
    Palisade BankAccount Management on Eigth Floor0863
    Palisade BankExecutive A09 Safe on Seventh Floor2357
    Palisade BankAccount Manager Office0831
    Palisade BankSafe in Secret Room of Vault A1114
    Palisade BankSecurity Room Computer on Third Floorclemenza
    Palisade BankSafe in Vault B1110
    Palisade BankSecurity Room Computer on Seventh Flooraklvd6681
    Palisade BankExecutive Services Room Safe (Revealed by pressing button under desk.)6477
    Palisade BankMaintenance Room on Third Floor6745
    Palisade BankIT Services Door on Ninth Floor1969
    Palisade BankSafe in Room B, Row 16641

    Palisade Bank

    CEO's Office

    Palisade BankVIP Vault in Room B, Row 61996
    Palisade BankPrybil Family VIP Safe0310
    Palisade BankJohn Miller's Safe1363
    Palisade StationLocked Room on Third Floor0666
    TubehouseLocked Door in Electronic's Store0310
    Palisade StationMini-Storage2565

    Kopecky’s Puppet Shop

    Locked Workshop

    LIMB ClinicLocked Door4464
    Helipad near Limb ClinicFront Door4465
    London Apex CenterVIP Room on Second Floor2202
    Allison ComplexDoor to Fourth Floor0011
    London Apex CentreSecurity Overrise in Liam Slater's Office5395
    Neon Nights Side MissionLocked Gate in sewers near Capek Station0311
    The Golden Ticket Side MissionBack Room of Registration Building6788
    Fade to Black Side MissionVlasta's Storage Locker2565
    Hlavni 33Apartment 2016864
    Hlavni 33Left Storage Locker on First Floor2913
    Hlavni 33Right Storage Locker on First Floor4227
    All in the Family Side MissionSafehouse0666

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