Downgrade experiences,good and bad with O 3DS XL

Discussion in '3DS Help' started by [email protected], Jan 11, 2016.

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    Oct 28, 2015
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    My experiences and troubles with a test 3ds xl old.

    It was originally on 9.4.0-21 E fw.

    I tried the mtheall slider hax,it was a pain in the @ss !:mad:
    If i tried to point my touch to the sliderbar its end,it crashes,error,and goes back to homemenu

    Then some user said in the shout,update to 10.3,(browser version 1.7616) i did this,reformat system and sd card,start up with orig 10.3 fw is okay.
    Then i did the same again (with same files on sdcard as with fw 9.4.0),and yes it worked,iam happy,it was downgrade to 9.2.0-20E (browser version 1.7567):p

    Then i got some troubles with homebrew launcher,how to get this working again ?
    Pressing l with start up did nothing..
    If i tried again with mtheall,the sliderhax wont work,i had outdated browser or kind like that error .

    Then i updated again to originally fw 10.3 again,which worked okay again.:) ,because i can now easily go back to 9.2 or lower,but i have troubles with my browser version/launch homebrew browser.

    What can i do better,to get homebrew launcher launched again on lower fw?

    - Need i other fw like 9.0 9.1 ? ?
    - Or need i another online exploit ?
    - or update my browser version on 9.2,is this possible and how?

    If somebody has an answer or hint ?

    Edit 1 :

    HBL works now on above O3DS with ninja hax v1.1b with cubic ninja !! iam happy..

    Another O3DS console experiences :

    I had also another 9.8.0 o3ds,upgrade to 10.3 originally fw ,then i tried to downgrade that o3ds also to 9.2,but i get a file exception at the stage of ``getting cia file information``
    called main cpp 140 result 0xd900182f (failed to get cia file info)
    Also the letters in the screen in the o3ds from sysupdater looks liitle corrupted..very weird.

    What is this ?

    So i copy pasted the files again over to my sd card,and used another sysupdater (0.4.2b) profi2000

    And tried again,now everything goes fine with downgrading!
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