Downgrade MSET Tutorial for New3DS

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    Disclaimer: This guide was written by liomajor of MaxConsole. Original guide HERE

    (Note: Added a shorter version of the guide on the bottom, should be easier to follow)


    I'll explain how to downgrade your new3DS MSET, please follow strict EVERY STEP to prevent problems!

    This is a rough translation of my german Tutorial: Source


    Make sysNAND Backup (if you dont have one) without any changes and keep it safe!!!

    If you don' have a spare microSD, make sure to make a full backup (emuNAND + content) to restore when needed!

    *You need once Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D or Cubic Ninja to downgrade MSET and to install NVRAM*

    1. Prepare an empty microSD without emuNAND with Launcher.dat (at least GW Ultra 3.2)
    and your mset_<region>.cia in root directory (If you want to re-enable the blue GW Card, add
    timewarp.cia! If you can't find it, create it with 3dnus > download file 0004800F484E4841
    version: 4096 and check the spoof block > spoofing to 65535)

    - The 4GB microSD that was included buying your new3DS should be fine -
    - If you are not sure if there is emuNAND inside microSD, you can format it with HP-USB-Disk-Storage-Format-Tool -

    2. Copy devmenu.3ds (NO DEVMENU 6.20 / BBM!!!) to GW microSD Card's rood directory and insert it in red GW Card
    3. Insert the microSD including Launcher.dat/MSET CIA to your new3DS
    4. Insert the game (Zelda OOT or Cubic Ninja) to your new3DS
    5. Turn your new3DS on and execute the exploit to enter Gateway Menu
    6. Exchange the game with your red GW Card
    7. Press "Install NVRAM" in Gateway Menu (it will show your Region - same as the mset cia you should use)

    *You can also once MSET is downgraded use N3DS ROP Installer.nds instead of Gateway*
    *Menu 'NVRAM Installer' with NDS Flashcard working up to 9.2.0/re-enabled blue GW Card*
    > Turn on new3DS > Insert NDS Flascard (with N3DS ROP Installer.nds on it) > start Flashcard Menu
    > Browse to '3DS ROP Installer' > boot it > choose and install 9.x Launcher.dat > a reboot is recommended

    8. Boot after installing NVRAM to Gateway Modus and press 'select' to mount DEVMENU.3DS
    - If a fragmentation error is shown, you need to fix it on your PC with -
    - 'GW3DS.EXE FIX DRIVELETTER:' (GW3DS is a DOS Tool, use START > CMD to execute it!) -

    9. Start DEVMENU (It should display '0.15.8(r37904)' on top > correct version)
    If there is a blackscreen on booting DEVMENU (freeze), there might be a fragmentation
    or Filesystem error in one of your used microSD's. Fix it or use another one!

    10. In DEVMENU press once right for 'IMPORT' and install with 'A' your mset_<your region>.cia
    (If you added timewarp.cia to re-enable blue GW Card, install it as well!)
    If there is no OK after installing and displays errormessage, installation failed!
    Your MSET CIA might be broken OR you are using the wrong DEVMENU!

    11. Once the installation is finished, turn your new3DS off and on again

    12. Now you can use your emuNAND microSD (needs Launcher.dat with at least GW Ultra 3.2)
    and start the exploit via (MSET) Nintendo DS-Profile Settings like old3DS users can do on 4.X!

    *IF there is still Nintendo Account settings (NNID) in sysNAND displayed when entering
    *Systemsettings, your MSET CIA wasn't installed properly to sysNAND!!! Doublecheck that
    *there is no emuNAND inside microSD by formating it with

    To make the Exploit STUCK, do the follow these Steps: HOW TO STUCK EXPLOIT

    WHAT does it mean to use MSET Exploit for new3DS?

    - You don't have to use Gamecard to start Gateway Modus
    - sysNAND settings are downgraded to 4.5 and got no settings for Nintendo Account (NNID)
    - If you format emuNAND after MSET is downgraded, you need to Update/restore MSET
    first, to re-activate Nintendo Account (NNID) and other related new3DS settings!!!

    !!! Installing cia to sysNAND can be risky when using the wrong CIA, make sure to use the right one !!!


    Q: How can i enter Gateway Menu after installing MSET exploit?
    A: Either execute MSET exploit without GW Card, or press and hold L-Trigger when executing

    Q: What is NVRAM installing?
    A: The same as using GW_Installer.nds (Exploit), only for new3DS

    Q: Can i use my NDS Flashcard and GW_Installer.nds to do the same?
    A: NO, trying to load the exploit will crash new3DS (Press and hold pwr until it turns off)

    Q: What will happen if i play DS games?
    A: This could remove the exploit if you didn't STUCK it, and you might need to install it again
    with Zelda OOT or Cubic Ninja > NVRAM INSTALL from GW Menu
    or use N3DS ROP Installer.nds with NDS Flashcard that works up to 9.2.0

    Q: I can't install MSET CIA and receive error on trying
    A: Do not use DEVMENU 6.2 or BBM, use the old DEVMENU.3DS!
    (It should display '0.15.8(r37904)' on top when started)
    If the version is correct, your CIA might be broken or microSD is defective!

    Q: After installing MSET CIA i can't enter GW Modus
    [B]A: You need to install MSET CIA to sysNAND, NOT emuNAND!
    A simple format microSD won't remove installed emuNAND, to remove
    it, format it with [URL=""]HP-USB-Disk-Storage-Format-Tool[/URL] (Make backup first if needed!)

    [B]Q: How can i restore my SYSTEMSETTINGS (MSET) for sys/emuNAND?
    [B]A: Install the right version/TitleID for your Firmware or restore untouched Backup

    [COLOR=#ff0000][B]*The install for MSET CIA to sysNAND will only work if there is [B]NO[/B] emuNAND inside internal microSD!*[/B][/COLOR]
    *If there is emuNAND inside internal microSD, the install of your cia will update emuNAND*

    [URL=""]3DNUS[/URL] / UpdateCDN CIA TitleID for MSET

    USA = 0004001000021000 9.0-9.5 = v8203 MD5: 5077D839633EC80E7A9D3CA98B794D4B
    EUR = 0004001000022000 9.0-9.5 = v8202 MD5: 7D9E073A6349DDEF77E67B2102B4EEA5
    JPN = 0004001000020000 8.1-9.5 = v9224 MD5: 375EDB36DA62AE44D4D8C91DAB854573

    [U][B]NOTE:[/B][/U] I can't offer DEVMENU.3DS because it belongs to Nintendo SDK, hunt it down on teh Interweb

    Alternatives to DEVMENU.3DS:

    - GovanifY's devmenu.cia (needs another .3ds cia installer first like FBI.3DS)
    [COLOR=#808080]- FBI.3DS BUT you need to uninstall current MSET and install downgrade MSET cia without reboot *not recommended*


    [/COLOR][U][SIZE=5][B]Shorter version of this guide:[/B][/SIZE][/U][COLOR=#808080]

    [/COLOR]1. Get mset.cia from the Gateway's firmware package from their site, put that on your SD along with the launcher.dat

    2. Run the Gateway exploit through cubic ninja or zelda OoT

    (Be sure you have emunand setup before you you proceed)

    3. From the Gateway menu, choose to install NVRAM

    4. Highlight the first icon on the gateway menu, hold B and press A. Then press X to confirm that you want to boot Gateway mode on sysnand.

    ( You need to have DevMen v2 as a .3ds on your gateway card, use this: [URL="!vtAgABCC!aVshTZWkugYN4nln1bIcUkTXt4xbvFtXpzPLtg6hzO0"]!vtAgABCC!aVshTZ...FtXpzPLtg6hzO0[/URL] )

    5. Press select to open the multi rom menu and choose Dev Men.

    6. On Dev Men, move right once and choose to install the mset cia. This will downgrade your mset (Settings) to 4.5 and you'll be all set.[/B][/B][/B]
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