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    Posted on August 1, 2016

    We’ve had a tremendous amount of feedback once again after the Public Beta 4.0 release. Suffice to say, we have worked hard on incooperating this feedback and bugreports and today we are happy to release another minor update that should further improve stability and reliability of our new GATEWAY FASTBOOT feature.

    Without further ado, here’s a small changelog:
    – Fixed >9.2 down to 9.2 GATEWAY TIME MACHINE issue for N3DS
    – Fixed WiFi issue for GATEWAY TIME MACHINE on O3DS
    – Fixed auto rename of Nintendo 3DS folder when downgrading to 2.x for N3DS
    Repacked N3DS & O3DS US GATEWAY TIME MACHINE data pack
    – Amended N3DS install procedure to cater to >9.2 system versions
    + Menu lockout implemented

    The new Menu Lockout feature requires some further explanation: You’re all used to being able to get into the GATEWAY menu by holding down the [L] button during boot (or booting without a GATEWAY 3DS cart inserted).

    From now on, any system installed with GATEWAY FASTBOOT (formerly known as `A9LH’) will require holding down L+select in order to get to the GATEWAY menu. This is to prevent the younger users of our system from accidentically triggering unintended actions from the GATEWAY menu. (Think of format emunand and such)

    People who *dont* use GATEWAY FASTBOOT can still enter the menu by holding down [L], of course.

    There was a minor error in the TIME MACHINE pack for the USA region which has been corrected, so please re-grab this pack if it affects your console’s region and you are planning on installing GATEWAY FASTBOOT. (This does not effect previous users who have already used the old data packs)

    If you think this is all we’ve been up to lately.. we’re happy to let you know you are wrong! [​IMG]

    We have something very exciting coming, but as always; good things take time. Remember that we’re yet to let down our loyal customer base.. even though the 3DS is a pretty dated system by now. We were here from the start, and we’ll be here till the very end. Keep checking this space!

    And as always, ENJOY!

    Source - Gateway | the only Flash Card for 3DS
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