How to Dump and Backup eShop Games

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    How to Dump and Backup eShop Games

    This guide has been around for a long time now & was originally posted on GBA Temp

    The main focus for this is eShop games, but this also works for DLC, Updates and Themes.

    I decided to make this guide as there really wasn’t any that was clear cut and n00b friendly. It still lacks the technical comments as to what is going on, but this should get most of you backing up your eshop games, dlc, updates etc.

    There are actually two different ways you can do this, either using local data or re-downloading from CDN. The easy method is to re-download but it will usually not convert demos into .3ds format, only CIA. If you really care about dumping demos and want them in .3ds you need to use the manual method which is a lot of work for a demo dump so leave it in CIA.

    Thanks to ILYS and Anon (you know who you are) for the main guides and tools to do this. I more or less revised this and made some things a little bit easier to do.

    What you need:

    3Ds/3Ds XL 4.1-4.5 FW


    Python 2.7:

    eShop Toolkit:

    slot0x25KeyX.bin: included in the download.

    1. Copy Launcher.dat + slot0x25KeyX.bin from eShop Toolkit\To SD onto your 3Ds’ internal (Big) SD card.

    2. Start up your 3DS click system settings, other settings, profile and DS Profile to start the launcher.

    3. On the launcher menu choose “NAND FAT16 partition padgen” option and wait for it to finish and shut down your 3DS.

    4. Back on the PC, plug in your SD card and copy all of the newly created “.xorpad” files over to the directory eShop Toolkit\Tools.

    5. Open emuNANDTool_1.0.1 and extract your emuNAND to the same directory where you have the Xorpad files (eShop Toolkit\Tools).

    6. Then drag your emunand dumped file onto the batch file “dragNandDumpForFat16” and let it finish.

    7. Next run the “decrypt.bat”, as long as you didn’t change any file names it should work. If not you can manually run the cmd: padxorer.exe
    nameofthenand nameofthexorpad

    8. You can ahead and delete emuNAND.bin & the xorpad files, and then rename nand.fat16.bin.out to nand.fat16.bin.

    9. Open WinImage (eShop Toolkit\Tools\WinImage) and chose File and Open and load up the nand.fat16.bin file.

    10. In Winimage folder dir, look for the folder called “dbs” and open it. Then click on “ticket.db” and drag it to the folder
    eShop Toolkit\ticket-titlekey_stuff. You can also right click on “ticket.db” and chose extract.

    11. Now run the “TileKeys.bat” in the eShop Toolkit\ticket-titlekey_stuff, and it should create a file called encTitleKeys.bin.

    12. Copy encTitleKeys.bin to your SD card, startup your 3DS and run the launcher and this time chose “Title Key Decryptor” option.

    13. Once again when done shut down you3DS and plug SD card back into the PC. Copy the file “decTitleKeys.bin” to the eShop
    Toolkit\ticket-titlekey_stuff dir.

    14. Run the “PrintKeys.bat” and you will see a list of all your 3DS titles and keys. In that windows right click and chose “mark”.
    Then copy out what you need into notepad.

    15. Now go to CDto3DS dir (eShop Toolkit\to3DS\CDNto3DS) and right click on “backup.bat” file and edit it with your keys.

    16. Run the backup.bat and it will automatically download and pack all the titles you placed in there.
    How to know what title/game you are looking for?
    I haven’t found an easy answer per say, but generally knowing your SD card and where most of the data types are kept you should be able to
    figure some out. If you are a complete n00b like I was, it takes a little learning.
    Here’s what I have been able to gather, in general the title dir contains sub dir for certain content types.
    title\0004000e – Usually contains Updates.
    title\0004008c – Usually contains Themes.
    title\00040000 – Usually contains Games.
    title\00040002 – Usually contains Demos.

    eShop Toolkit download

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