[How To] Install GBA Virtual Console games

Discussion in '3DS Tutorials' started by MattKimura, May 8, 2016.

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    If you're looking for how to play virtual console GBA games on your 3DS, this will be a tutorial for you. There's a bit of steps you must do before you can actually start playing them. I hope you already have menuhax installed along with CTRBootManager, we'll be needing them. You'll be installing everything to sysNAND in this guide, that's completely normal. Even if you wanted them in emuNAND, you must first install them to sysNAND before they'd work.

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    Note: Add Decrypt9, MiniPasta, and AGB_firm .cia on your SD card before getting started

    I. Injecting FBI into Health & Safety on sysNAND

    Note: This guide will assume you have menuhax installed, and CTRBootManager setup already

    1. Launch Homebrew Launcher

    2. Choose "Decrypt9-WIP"

    3. Choose sysNAND options, then "Dump Health & Safety"

    4. Press B to return to the Decrypt9 main menu, and press select to unmount the SD

    5. Go to your computer, and download Universal Inject Generator and also FBI.cia

    6. Extract it into it's own folder on your computer, then navigate into the "Input" folder

    7. Add "hs.app" from your SD card, and FBI.cia into this folder

    8. Go back once and run "go.bat"

    9. Now you'll find a file called "FBI_inject_with_banner.app", rename this file to "hs.app"

    10. Add the hs.app file to your SD and replace the original (Or keep the original file somewhere, in case you wanted to restore it later for OCD purpose)

    11. Put the SD back into the 3DS and choose sysNAND options, then inject Health & Safety. Turn off your 3DS.

    II. Installing GBA games on SysNAND

    Note: Before you get started, place the AGB_Firm cia file for your system type, on your SD card. Also place the GBA cia files you want to install.

    1. Turn on the 3DS, boot Homebrew Launcher and choose MiniPasta

    2. As you choose MiniPasta, it'll reboot the 3DS into sysNAND's home menu. But since menuhax is setup, it will just boot into menuhax instead. You need to bypass this by holding the buttons you setup for menuhax. At this point, I don't know how you personally installed menuhax. For me I installed it as type 1, no buttons. So I can hold just about any button to bypass menuhax as I load up MiniPasta.

    3. Once in sysNAND's home menu, find the "Health & Safety" app and launch it

    4. FBI will show up, press L once to change the mode to "NAND". Scroll down to "AGB_Firm" and install the cia. It'll say that it already exists, say yes to replace it.

    5. Once that's done, press start to proceed then press L to change the mode back to SD.

    6. Install the GBA cia's you want, just be sure you see "Destination: SD" on the top screen before doing so
    - If you get an error in FBI about a database missing, use this guide to fix that:

    1. Put your SD card into your computer and navigate into:
    SD:/Nintendo 3DS/

    2. You'll see two random letter and number folders here, navigate into the top one first, then into the next folder

    3. Download the dbs HERE
    Where you see the extdata folder, extract the dbs folder right beside it. If it already exists, ignore this step

    4. Go back two times, and do the same for the second random letter and number folder. Again if the dbs folder already exists, skip this step

    Now on your 3DS, boot sysNAND by bypassing menuhax, go to system settings > Data Management > Nintendo 3DS > Software
    Let it repair the dbs and you're good to go now for installing cia's

    Final Tips

    - If you want GBA games in emuNAND, you must also install the GBA cia's there. It takes up double the space on your SD card to do this. If you use Luma3DS, you won't have to install AGB_firm on emuNAND. But if you use any other CFW, you must install it to NAND in emuNAND as you did on sysNAND.

    - You can setup MiniPasta on CTRBootManager and choose it from there. But you still must hold a button to bypass menuhax

    - You can just only install the GBA games to sysNAND, and just boot up MiniPasta every time you want to play GBA games. This saves space on your SD card. You'll end up booting into some kind of CFW either way. Plus when you exit GBA games in emuNAND, the system reboots. I personally only use it on sysNAND since it's kinda pointless to have it on emuNAND.
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  2. bartolomey_wong

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    Thanks for the guide! Kind of difficult to follow with no screenshots, thought.

    Will it work for me if I have unlinked nands? I don't even know how to boot sysnand...
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