How to make your own meta folder

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  1. NeoGamer

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    Oct 9, 2015
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    How to make your own meta folder
    Have you downloaded a loadiine game missing this.
    Well its easy to make your own. Currently loadiine is only reading really 3 files from the meta folders, the rest you get in the folders are there because there ripped right from the game.

    1-First find your image you want for the background and save it to pc(i recommened finding an image thats large so it dont look bad when resized. Using a small image and then resizing it will lose quality.
    2-Resize it 1280 x 720 and save as .bmp
    3-Go to this site Convert image to TGA
    4-Upload your image and it will be downloaded to your pc
    5-Rename the converted background image to bootTvTex.tga
    6-Next the little icon image find an icon you want online
    7-Resize this 128 x 128 again save as .bmp
    8-Go to the site again Convert image to TGA
    9-Save this image as iconTex.tga
    10-Create folder meta in your game folder next to the code and content folder and add both .tga files into it.
    Done thats it.

    For the cover to show because you wont be able to press start in loadiine to directly download it because of the missing xml file in the meta folder so you need to get it manually, there are lots of sites with covers the main site for wiiu games is GameTDB - games database they dont have every cover and not a lot of eshop covers but they can be found online. Just resize your box art to what size you would like them, then rename the .png to the same name as the end of your game to show in loadiine

    Loadiine example of background image and icon
    Covers example
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  2. Cha0s Em3rald

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    Oct 1, 2015
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    Great guide, I converted a game to Loadiine ready last night & no meta folder was created so this came in handy
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  3. Madridi

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    Oct 12, 2015
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    Cool guide. I'd advise against it though for general releases. Releases are supposed to be as identical an ISO as possible. The scene is filled with "butchered" releases. Ones that either have no meta folder, or have a meta folder cut and pasted from an update of the game (which can be downloaded without a ticket)

    It's cool for those wanting to have an icon for their private use, or maybe a custom meta share thread or something. But I'd really hate to see this included with full games.

    @Cha0s Em3rald
    Converted how? I can't think of a scenario where you won't can't get the meta folder unless it was simply downloaded as loadiine ready files (so the uploaded didn't dump meta)

    Let me know what you did, pretty sure I can help with that :)

    Edit: well, I shouldn't say "scene".. Scene releases are actually the only ones that are consistently good. EUR has it better than USA in the Wii U department by a huge margin (scene wise)
  4. Rohul1997

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    Nice guide
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