[HOW-TO]Update MT-Card 2.3 to latest 10.1 emunand with eshop access!

Discussion in '3DS Tutorials' started by Cha0s Em3rald, Oct 12, 2015.

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    [HOW-TO]Update MT-Card 2.3 to latest 10.1 emunand with eshop access!

    This guide was originally posted on GBATemp here

    Credit for sharing the guide & thanks for allowing me to re-post on 3DS Chaos it goes to [MENTION]telon22

    [/MENTION] I know how dead mt-card is right now. I own both gateway and mt-cards & I love my gateway but I also love how mt-card saves games. Originally mt-card 2.3(latest official update) supports only upto 9.4 emunand,but here's how you can update it further to 10.1 with eshop acess.
    Original idea goes to Trexxprin at *Removed*,I am just simplifying the process.

    1) Turn off your 3ds Wifi & update your MT-Card launcher.dat to 2.3.
    2) Now boot by pressing L and then executing exploit to open MT-Card menu. Here format your emunand(Warning this will format your sd-card). You should now be left with a 4.x emunand.
    3) Backup this emunand with emunand tool just in case.
    4) Now with 3dnus download 9.4 & 10.1 official update files.

    5) Now look for these 4 titiles in 9.4 folder 000400300000CE02,0004003000008F02,0004001000021000,0004001000021900 for US
    0004003000009802,0004001000022900,000400300000D602,0004001000022000 for EUR

    6) move these 4 titles out of 9.4 update folder & delete these 4 titles from 10.1 folder (if any).
    7) With this done move the 10.1 folder to your 3ds sd card and install all the cias in it with BBM with L+R+A to install all cias. Reboot and again backup emunand just in case. You should now have 10.1 emunand in MT-card. make sure your wifi is still off.
    8) But hold on we still need eshop acess since out of these 4 titles 2 belong to eshop.
    9) We now need to spoof these 4 titles version no's to 10.1 so that system update skips them, as these 4 titles cause seems to cause issue for mt-card emunand support higher than 9.4.
    10) Now spoof this 4 titles (according to your 3ds region) to a title version like 10.1 or higher. I used 10.1 btw from here http://yls8.mtheall.com/ninupdates/titlelist.php?sys=ctr&wiki=1
    11)After spoofing the version install the 4 spoofed cias in 10.1 emunand with BBM. Check for system updates and there should be none and eshop should work now.
    If this didnt work you for you did something wrong. Restore your 10.1 emunand with emunand tool we backed up earlier and try again.

    How to spoof the cia version?
    In this case I am taking example of 0004001000021000.cia[US].
    http://yls8.mtheall.com/ninupdates/titlelist.php?sys=ctr&wiki=1 shows that we have v8203 from 9.0 update and we need to spoof it to atleast v9221(or more if you wish) which was in 9.6 update.
    Open hxd and look for offset 00002F90 and then 0C-0D have your version no in hexadecimal. convert it decimal with this. In our case it is 20 0B with means 8203 in decimal and now again use decimal to hex to convert v9221 to hex which is 24 05 in hex. Now just overwrite 20 0B with 24 05 and save.
    This completes the spoofing of version. Just repeat the steps for different cias

    Alternatively you can also use 3dsnus for spoofing but I prefer the manual way.

    Oh here's some proof of concept:

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