[HowTo] Inject headers into scene roms to play online

Discussion in '3DS Tutorials' started by MattKimura, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. MattKimura

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    Hello 3DSChaos! I've decided to do my own take on a guide for injecting headers into roms. If you're one of those who are lost when it comes to using headers on your roms to play online, then this guide will clear things up for you. If anyone has suggestions for the guide, let me know! This guide will be aimed towards Gateway users, it may be the same for other 3DS flashcards. Sky3DS users can't dump game carts unless they have a 3DS on 9.2 or below that can use Gateway mode.

    As you may or may not know, scene roms need a header to play online. It just takes a small process to inject one.
    Read through the short FAQ below before getting started on the guide.

    Table of Contents

    1) Q&A
    2) Guide on injecting headers
    3) Header Trivia
    4) List of known online games

    Q&A 1)

    What is a header?
    A: The general information in a rom, such as the rom size, cart manufacturer, card type, etc. It's a unique ID for your game that shows up when you play online. Think of it as a soul, every 3DS game has it's own soul that makes it unique. Even different copies of the SAME game has it's own soul/header.

    Why do we need headers injected into roms just to play online?
    A: By default, scene roms (Basically most roms you find on ChaosGamez) don't contain a header. So what's going to show up on Nintendo servers when you play onine? Nothing! A ghost is playing online. You won't be able to connect online without a header.

    Where can we get headers?
    A: There are two kinds of headers, both achieve the same thing. You can use a publicly shared header (RISK OF BAN), or your own private header from your dumped rom. It's recommended that you use your own header from a game cartridge that you plan on keeping forever.

    Would I need to inject a header into my own dumped rom?
    A: No, your dumped game contains a header. So your game will show up as if you're playing on the cartridge. There's no work needed when you dump your own game. Just rename the file to .3dz and you're ready to play online. But if you plan on getting rid of the physical copy, then you should clear the header and add your own private header (This will reset the save file).

    Can't I just use a pre-patched online ready rom?
    A: Yes feel free to do so, that will be the hassle free way of playing online. But this will mean using a shared header that many other users are using. Nintendo will be able to see multiple copies of the same header playing online at the same time and will ban those users. So if you want to play it safe, continue on with the guide to learn how to use your own header!


    - If you've created a save on a .3ds file, injecting a new header will prevent you from using that save and you will have to start fresh again.

    - When playing online, Nintendo may see your header, and other info such as playing a rom. So far, nobody has been banned from Nintendo while playing online with or private header. But this doesn't guarantee that Nintendo wouldn't take action and issue a ban to your system. Play online with a scene rom at your own risk!

    The Guide 2)

    Things you will need

    1. Gateway Rom Patcher

    2. A Windows/Linux computer, with an SD card reader

    Using your own dumped header

    Step 1
    Insert your game of choice that you would like to dedicate for header use. Can be any game, even smaller sized and offline games.

    Step 2
    Turn on your 3DS, go to settings, profile, Nintendo DS Profile

    Step 3
    Scroll to the right and choose "dump game cartridge". This process will take a while. When it's finished, the game will be on the 3DS SD card as "XXXX.3DS"

    Step 4
    Turn off the 3DS and insert the SD card from the 3DS, into your computer. Run Gateway Rom Patcher.

    Step 5
    On Gateway Rom Patcher, click on "Load rom". Choose the rom you've dumped, located on your SD card. Now click on the "export" button. Save the .bin file anywhere such as the desktop.

    Step 6
    Insert your Gateway "Micro SD" Card into your computer that has all your roms.

    On Gateway Rom Patcher, click on "Load ROM" and choose the rom from your micro SD card. At the bottom, make sure "Rename rom extention to .3dz after modification" is checked.

    Step 8
    Click on "import header from file", and choose the .bin file from your desktop. Gateway Rom Patcher will ask you if you'd like the program to fix the header for you, choose yes then click on the "Inject" button.

    Final Results
    Gateway Rom Patcher should now display "Additional data found" below. This means that there's now a header in the rom.
    You'll now have a patched 3DS rom, with a .3dz extension, Ready to play online. If you plan on trimming the rom, just rename it to .3ds and trim it. Then rename the rom to .3dz again.

    Using a publicly shared header


    We do not recommend any users to use public headers, there have been countless users who have reported being banned while using a public header. You WILL NOT be safe while using one so we highly recommend buying a cheap $5 game and dedicating it as your private header.


    ~Header trivia~ 3)

    - If a rom fails to play online after injecting a header, load the rom up on Gateway Rom Patcher and change the manufacturer. (I've never had to do this, every game worked on first try)
    - If the header works with your game, the game will boot up normally. If the header isn't compatible with your rom, the game will get an error and not boot up so you'll know if it works or not.

    - Starting a save from a .3DS file, will be deleted and started fresh when you play from a .3DZ file. You can actually convert a .3ds save and import it on a .3dz save using THIS GUIDE

    - Games with Spotpass and DLC don't count as online games. You can download DLC on a .3DS file. Only games with online multiplayer/trade require a header, and a .3DZ file.

    - You can use a header from an offline game, it does not matter what game you use.

    - Headers are region free, and you can also play any region rom online on any region console.

    - Roms can be trimmed before or after injecting the header. You just can't trim card2 roms like Pokemon X/Y, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Tomodachi Life. Not unless you use 3DS To Cia Converter

    - If you ever come across a rom that has a header already and you'd like to use your own header, you can clear the header using Gateway Rom Patcher to have a fresh untouched rom.

    List of known online 3DS games 4)

    Bird Mania Christmas 3D (leaderboards)

    escapeVektor (leaderboards)

    Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions (leaderboards)

    Pinball Hall of Fame: the Williams Collection (leaderboards)

    Marvel Pinball 3D (leaderboards)

    Star Wars Pinball 3D (leaderboards)

    Zen Pinball 3D (leaderboards)

    Fighting/Beat 'em Up:
    Code of Princess (competitive, co-op)

    Dead or Alive Dimensions (competitive, co-op)

    Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (co-op)

    Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS (competitive, co-op)

    Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (competitive)

    Tekken Prime: 3D Edition (competitive)

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf (town visits)

    Colors! 3D (gallery)

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (competitive)

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (co-op)

    Style Savvy: Trendsetters (item sharing)

    Ultimate NES Remix (Leaderboards & replays)

    Fractured Soul (leaderboards)

    Jump Trials Supreme (leaderboards)

    Sonic Generations (competitive)

    Sonic Lost World (competitive)

    Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (level sharing)

    Tetris Axis (competitive, leaderboards)

    AiRace Speed (leaderboards)

    ATV: Wild Ride 3D (competitive)

    F1 2011 (competitive)

    Family Kart 3D (leaderboards)

    Mario Kart 7 (competitive, team competitive, leaderboards)

    Need for Speed: the Run (competitive)

    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed (competitive)

    Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves (competitive)

    Fantasy Life (co-op)

    Fossil Fighters Frontier (Competitive)

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (Competitive)

    Harvest Moon: a New Beginning (item sharing)

    Heroes of Ruin (co-op)

    Pokémon Omega Ruby (competitive, item sharing)

    Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (competitive, item sharing)

    Pokémon X (competitive, item sharing)

    Pokémon Y (competitive, item sharing)

    Chain Blaster (leaderboards)

    Code Name Steam (Competitive)

    Kid Icarus: Uprising (competitive, team competitive)

    Nano Assault (leaderboards)

    Nano Assault EX (leaderboards)

    Resident Evil: the Mercenaries 3D (co-op)

    Resident Evil: Revelations (co-op)

    Steel Diver: Sub Wars (team competitive)

    Mario Tennis Open (competitive)

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (competitive)

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (competitive)

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  3. MattKimura

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    Yep I'll link that to the guide. But doesn't mean 1.1 is obsolete, it still does the same task in the end : p

    I'm not gonna note the version number this time, since it's pointless to use a newer version past this point. Even the oldest one can do the trick.
    I added v1.2 now, should be good for years to come.
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  4. rocknard

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    With .cia games can i play Online safe actually? Since .cia games not have header.

    Thanks for the guide.
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  5. MattKimura

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    Correct, cia games don't use a header of their own. Instead, they use the system as a header. So it's completely safe to use cia games online with no extra steps.
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