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Discussion in 'DLC & Themes Requests' started by selly74, Feb 6, 2016.

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  1. selly74

    selly74 New Member

    Jan 30, 2016
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    Hey all, new to this so please forgive me if i sound like an idiot!!! :/

    My two kids have 3ds with rxtools, thing is they want the pokemon anniversary free mew character for their Pokemon X games, but if we try going to stor to redeem the codes i picked up from them then it just says "PLEASE UPDATE CONSOLE SOFTWARE / 3DS"

    But if i did do this it would stop RX tools working surely?

    Please help as im new to all this and its so frustrating!!!! Argghhhh
  2. Swabbo

    Swabbo Member

    Jan 8, 2016
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    updating to the lastest firmware while in Emunand is perfectly fine, aslong as you make sure you are not in Sysnand :) You'll have to update the payloads to boot into homebrew though.
  3. vettacossx

    vettacossx Member

    Feb 22, 2017
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    Option 1: (best way)
    Hello there! there is a way
    for you to access the eshop LEGIT on your console you will want to go to the HOMEBREW LAUNCHER and look for a tool called CTR-HTTPWN. Using it with the appropriate setup allows you to bypass such things

    Note: also RXTOOLS is sort of out dated try LUMA CFW with A9HL for better results my friend you can find ALL of these files in this handy guide always updated daily for the whole scene. Guide

    Option 2: (easiest way)

    Also remember you can add events to your game by using PXHEX PKHeX
    and to extract a save file from your game to modify your pokemon you can use JKSM Releases · J-D-K/JKSM · GitHub .This is a handy homebrew that lets us dump the pokemon save file to a format that we can edit using PKHEX on our pc! a file called "main.bin" holds all info including your pokemon games event cards that can be injected using pkhex for EVERY SINGLE EVENT AVAILABLE EVER.

    Option 3: (cuz im a darlin like that)

    I can give you any fuckin pokemon ya lol

    I happen to be the largest distributor of event pokemon in the hacking scene so you can send a message with your friend code and ill give you anything from this video I made for FREE like you can trade me eggs for whatever you want here. ^ hows that for a fucking sweet deal. Plus if ya like we can hook up on a messenger of your liking or fb cam chat if you wanna learn how to use the tools for making your kids events of any pokemon (why not be super dad right **** yeah bro lol) so anyway, lulz The point here is I can help you get this **** sorted if you like shoot me a PM if your interested we can set up a geeeky playdate to **** up some pokemon games ;) much love, peace and chicken grease chaos fam <3

  4. bungiefan

    bungiefan New Member

    Mar 4, 2017
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    2 to switch away from rxtools. 11.3 update breaks emunand. Luma + A9LH is the current up-to-date custom firmware, and the guide shows you how to get rid of your emunand. Updating while using A9LH will never break your console, as the CFW won't be uninstalled by an update, as it protects itself in firmware.

    With A9LH you can use the eshop and update without trouble. Also, if you look up an application called FreeShop and set it up, you can access eshop content from other regions to update foreign games.
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