Nintendo stops selling indie game in an attempt to cut off 3DS hackers

Discussion in '3DS News' started by Cha0s Em3rald, May 4, 2016.

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  1. Cha0s Em3rald

    Cha0s Em3raldCha0s Em3rald is a Verified  Member Administrator
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    Oct 1, 2015
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    [h=1]Nintendo stops selling indie game in an attempt to cut off 3DS hackers[/h] [h=2]Gravity-bending VVVVVV is unavailable after a new exploit is published.[/h]


    Nintendo has taken popular indie gravity-flipping platform game VVVVVV down from the 3DS eShop after hackers revealed the game can be used to help load unsigned code onto the system. On Sunday, a hacker going by the handle ShinyQuagsire published the newly revealed hacking method, which uses a modified save game to allow the system to load unsigned homebrew software.

    The new hack is a bit redundant, since it requires first using an existing 3DS exploit (such as Ninjhax) to load the modified save file onto the 3DS' SD card in the first place. That distinction doesn't seem important to Nintendo, which took the game down from the North American 3DS eShop within a day of the hack's publication (though it is currently still available in the European eShop).
    Creator Terry Cavanaugh expressed surprise at the existence of the hacking method on Twitter and said that the need to stack the exploit on top of another hack would "hopefully [mean] I won't need to patch anything, woo." But the game will likely need to see some sort of modification before Nintendo agrees to let it back on the eShop.

    Last August, free-to-play 3DS download Ironfall Invasion was also removed from the eShop after a hack involving the game was revealed. A fixed version of that game eventually returned to the online store in October, and VVVVVV will likely similarly return after some modification to prevent this hacking method.

    Still, for now, the download-only VVVVVV is unavailable on the 3DS for the first time since it was released on the system in late 2011. The Steam version of the game has sold over 900,000 copies, according to Steam Spy.

    Source - Ars Technica

  2. DarkFlare

    DarkFlare Active Member

    Dec 11, 2015
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    In my opinion, it's not worth taking the game down for. You need first another exploit, like Ninjhax. This is preventing people who want to legitimately use the game from playing it...

    Nintendo is overreacting.
  3. NeoGamer

    NeoGamerNeoGamer is a Verified  Member Chaos Legend

    Oct 9, 2015
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    This is the best reaction Nintendo can do to combat piracy. There piracy department is useless and this move makes it look like there trying to do something about it. I'm not complaining how incompetent they are cause it's good for us all but seriously how **** are they. It's as if they love the cat and mouse chase with pirates cause they sell more systems which they make money on more than games. Just my opinion.
  4. MattKimura

    MattKimuraMattKimura is a Verified  Member Chaos Fanatic
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    Oct 7, 2015
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    Not like the VVVVVV exploit was useful like ninjhax or OoTHAX. It was just another entrypoint mainly for those who already HAVE a hacked 3DS. I agree with NeoGamer and DarkFlare, it's useless to do this. We have total control over their system and they can't do anything.
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