["Old" Tutorial] Using Out Of Region DLC with CFW and NTR CFW 3.0

Discussion in '3DS Tutorials' started by naonemeu, Jul 25, 2016.

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    Jul 1, 2016
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    I've put the "old" in the tutorial because there's already a easier method for Luma3DS
    I'm posting it here mostly as a backup

    Note: if you came here from the Cellenseres pastebin,you don't actually need a Gateway

    Most of this tutorial is actually how to setup NTR CFW,doesn't involve any new plugin,just the language plugin

    Note : Game region and DLC region must be the same , NTR CFW fixes the "No SD Card found" when you load a DLC from a game that doesn't match your (emu)nand region

    It works on any other CFW that can boot emunand with signature patches to allow homebrew/unsinged cia (Reinand,cakesFW)

    (O3DS ONLY) You can't use NTR CFW in games that wipe OLD 3DS RAM to run in extended RAM mode (Smash 4,Monster Hunter 4/X)

    First of all , you'll need to have NTR CFW 3.0,download both ntr.bin and bootntr.cia

    Shadowtrance build,it works on OLD/NEW 3DS 10.4,requires 10.2 firmware.bin - Download Link/Source - Includes NTR 3.3

    Older Version
    (Old 3DS 10.3) Laziness Version - doesn't need to press HOME - Source

    Official releases (NTR 3.2)

    Download "BootNTR.cia" and the NTR zip


    1. place the ntr.bin in the root of the sd card,the image files are used only for ninjhax,and the cia you can place it where you prefer

    2. Download the language emulation plugin -> [Release] Language Emulation Plugin for NTR 1.0/2.2

    3. place the plugin folder in the root of the sd card , i also recommend placing all the .plg files in the root of sd card for easy access

    4.Title ID Part,how to find it

    You can go to 3DS Releases and find the Title ID,if the listed game has the titleid here,copy it and skip to step 5
    it's most likely that you don't need to do step 4,but if the site goes down,it's a good alternative

    5. Create that folder in the plugin folder ( for example: D:/plugin/000400000012DE00 )

    5.1. And then copy paste the .plg of the game region in that folder (in the Title ID folder)

    langemu_en.plg -> English/USA
    langemu_en_europe.plg -> English/EUR
    langemu_jp.plg -> Japanese/JPN
    langemu_cn.plg -> Simple Chinese
    langemu_cht.plg -> Traditional Chinese
    You probably won't need the chinese ones

    You can put any other .plg here files here like cheats and LayeredFS stuff

    6. Eject the SD Card and put it in your 3ds,and boot emunand

    7. If you haven't installed BootNTR.cia,enter FBI/devmenu and install it

    8.open BootNTR,if the upper screen flashses it means success,and after the last line which says to press Home,press Home and load the game you want to play
    -The fixed "laziness edition" doesn't requires pressing home

    You can press XY to open the NTR CFW Menu , which has some options like hotkeys and screenshots

    If the upper screen flashes during the 3DS logo then the patches are applied and it will load the DLC
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