Pedometer Changer (from SDK 11.4)

Discussion in 'Misc 3DS Downloads' started by redunka, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Mar 14, 2016
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    Pedometer Changer (aka Pedometer Debug Tool) is a dev software for managing pedometer/step counter data.

    As you may know, some games, such as Pokémon ORAS, require steps rather than Play Coins for some in-game features.
    Unfortunately, there's still no any homebrew step editors.
    But latest leaked CTR SDK happened to have a tool just for this.

    This application requiers properly created CSV (stands for "comma separated value") file.
    Download both PedometerChanger.cia (works on any CFW) and example CSV file from the link below:
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    1. Copy "ImportPedometerFile.csv" to the root of your SD card and edit it with any text editor.

    The format is: year,month,day,hour,steps

    For "year,month,day" you must set your current date, as step counter resets every day.
    For "hour" you can set any hour within that day, except future.
    For "steps" you can set any value you want, but you can import only 18000 steps at a time.

    2. Install "PedometerChanger.cia" on your console, launch it and choose "Import".

    3. Return back to Home Menu and check if number of steps got changed.

    If you want to add more than 18000 steps, change "hour" value and choose "Append" instead of "Import".
    Counter's limit is 90000 steps.

    Available options:

    > Import - imports pedometer data from ImportPedometerFile.csv
    > Export - exports pedometer data into ExportPedometerFile.csv
    > Append - adds data from ImportPedometerFile.csv to your current step counter (if "hour" value differs)
    > Initialize - resets step counter

    Feel free to ask if you need any help!
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