Multihoster Pokemon Sigma Ruby (Omega Ruby romhack)

Discussion in 'CIA Format Game Downloads' started by Favna, Jun 10, 2017.

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  1. Favna

    Favna Member

    Apr 23, 2016
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    Hello all,

    I never really posted my romhack to chaos and since I had to re-upload anyway I figured I may as well do so now.

    The most important change in Pokémon Sigma Ruby is that not just the Inverse Battle trainer battles you with the types inversed, no, ALL battles are now following the Inverse type effectiveness. A lit of all changes is below as well as in a pdf file in the download.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    ~List of features~

    A full list of changes such as those made to Pokémon, moves and evolutions can be found in the .pdf file included in the download!
    • The game has a new icon and banner!
    • The game has a new title screen!
    • Many Pokémon have had their base stats slightly updated to make them more viable.
    • Difficult or impossible evolutions (i.e. trade evolutions) have been taken out
    • Some Pokémon have had their typing updated
    • There have been updates on move stats
    • Various Slateport City Market stores have had their items swapped
    • To improve the viability of the above various purchase prices have been swapped
    • Various signs have had their content changed. Try to find them all ;)!
    • Various gift Pokémon have been changed.
    • Various static Pokémon have been changed.

    Probably the most important section of the post right ;)!?

    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**


    • This game cannot be installed alongside an already existing omega ruby as the romhack won't have a custom TitleID. Please remove any existing Omega Ruby first. Trust me when I say I really wanted this to be the case but using a rsf file with makerom continuesly resulted in black screens after the "Nintendo 3DS" animation. you can first back up the save with JKSV if you want to.
    • If you're already playing a copy of Omega Ruby you will have to remove all updates from that (CTR-U-ECRA/P/E/J is the ProductID for FBI) or the romhack will not work.
    • Text has been edited for the English version only!
    • Since this hack makes no changes to the save file structure you can inject or extract the save file perfectly normal
    ~Special Thanks~
    • Kaphotics: For creating the amazing pk3ds as well as GARCTool
    • SciresM: For making various tools that are now integrated in pk3ds
    • Asia81: For the tutorial on how to decrypt, extract and repack a 3DS rom
    • Rei: For Ohana3DS which has allowed me to make various texture edits
    • Whoever the heck made Adobe Photoshop: For editing the above mentioned textures
    • ihaveamac (aka ihaveahax) for his continued support while using 3dstool, ctrtool and makerom as well as his amazing work on
    • squee666 for his support on making the custom icon and banner
    • Astronautlevel for his awesome work on StarUpdater and Luma3DS Nightlies. Also for informing me `py -2` is required when having both Python2 and 3 installed because not even Google gave this one.
    • Everyone else involved in the 3DS hacking community to make CFW possible. Tuxsh, AuroraWright, Smealum, Yellows8, Plailect, derrek, plutoo, d0k3, delebile and everyone else!


    Version 1.3:
    - Updated various parts of the story text to reflect changes made in the game elsewhere such as type effectiveness references
    - Various Grass type Pokémon had water immunity abilities which is a bother as Water is super effective on Grass. These have been changed
    - Maractus no longer has Water Absorb nor Storm Drain. They are replaced with Rough Skin and Grass Pelt respectively.
    - Lileep and Cradily no longer get Storm Drain. It is replaced with Stench.
    - Cacnea and Cacturne had Water Absorb removed, their set of 3 abilities is now Sand Veil, Rough Skin or Sand Stream (Hidden).​
    - I have added various extra references by NPC's. To give hints on where to find them:
    - A scientist in a building in Rustburo City.
    - A backpacker in Lilycove City.
    - A PokeManiac in the Lilycove PokeCenter.
    - An evil team couple on Battle Resort.
    - Various brown signs across the region.​
    - Updated wild and static encounter tables to reflect other changes made throughout the game

    Version 1.2:
    - Once again an update on the banner. Again thanks to Squee666!
    - Including an optional romfs build which includes a Busy May mod Battle model!

    Version 1.1:
    - Updated icon, banner and title screen thanks to great work by @squee666 and him being cringed by my own work

    Version 1.0:
    - Initial release
  2. sassyshelmet

    sassyshelmet Active Member

    Jan 24, 2017
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  3. TiredKorok

    TiredKorok Donator

    Apr 3, 2017
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    Very cool rom hack, and nice features like taking out trade only evolutions :p could never get those also making more pokemon viable is really nice!
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