Retro Console Chaos - No Intro Retro Console Sets - Index Page - Updated 23/4/2016 - 28 Sets Added

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    [GLOW TEXT=RoyalBlue]Retro Console Chaos - No Intro Retro Console Sets [/GLOW TEXT]

    Index Page

    Here is an index page of all of my No Intro ROM sets, click on the console name to open the single posted thread with the download links

    Thanks to s4nQy29A who's packs I used as a base & updated where required

    Use these packs to full fill your collecting needs or play on your favourite emulators on your PC & consoles

    A lot of these ROMs are playable on the 3DS using the RetroArch Nightlies which can be found here

    [GLOW TEXT=RoyalBlue]Atari[/GLOW TEXT]

    Atari - 5200

    Atari - 7800

    Atari - Jaguar

    Atari - Lynx

    Atari - ST

    [GLOW TEXT=RoyalBlue]Bandai[/GLOW TEXT]

    Bandai - WonderSwan (20140803-052611_CM)

    Bandai - WonderSwan Color (20151122-100257_CM)


    GCE - Vectrex (20081109-035804_CM)

    [GLOW TEXT=RoyalBlue]Microsoft[/GLOW TEXT]

    Microsoft - MSX (20140821-082335_CM)

    Microsoft - MSX 2 (20150803-001512_CM)


    NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16 (20151117-000629_CM)

    NEC - Super Grafx (20110307-113453_CM)

    [GLOW TEXT=RoyalBlue]Nintendo[/GLOW TEXT]

    Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (20160319-051844_CM)

    Nintendo - Famicom Disk System 20160322-075129

    Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (20160223-125856_CM) - Complete Goodmerged Set

    Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD (20160310-053930_CM)

    Nintendo - Pokemon Mini (20140804-123237)

    Nintendo - Satellaview (20151211-004837)

    Nintendo - Sufami Turbo (20150416-225235)

    Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (20160306-011834_CM)) 1 Miss

    Nintendo - Virtual Boy (20160317-160921_CM)

    [GLOW TEXT=RoyalBlue]Sega[/GLOW TEXT]

    Sega - 32X

    Sega - Game Gear

    Sega - Master System - Mark III

    Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis

    Sega - PICO

    Sega - SG-1000

    [GLOW TEXT=RoyalBlue]Sinclair[/GLOW TEXT]

    Sinclair - ZX Spectrum +3 (20130225-035911_CM) - All Available ROMs - 3 MIA

    More Packs Coming Soon!!
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    oh no, whered it all go ?
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