RXtools CFW coldboot full installation guide for New3DS,from Browserhax & Homemenuhax

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    RXtools CFW coldboot full installation guide for New3DS,from Browserhax & Homemenuhax

    This guide was originally posted on GBA Temp here

    Full credit for writing the guide & thanks for allowing me to share it on 3DS Chaos goes to ChrisN8

    This tutorial will allow you to install Browserhax then HomemenuHAX & finally launch a Rxtools CFW from coldboot.
    To make a full working tutorial, I tried to gather all informations possible around GBAtemp.
    This tutorial works for me, i own a New3DSXL EUR in 9.0 firmware, it sould work until 9.2
    Since i update this guide everyday a video tutorial will be made only when this guide will be complete & flawless.




    Requierement :
    - A 3DS, 2DS, New3DS between 9.0 and 9.2
    - A working Emunand with a CIA manager install on it (emunand max 9.5 for new3DS. UNLINKED (O3DS & N3DS) for better use, if emunand are linked it may not work !)
    - A working internet connection
    - Use a theme at leat once
    - optional : blank N3DS/3DS & Blank SDCard

    Why "A working Emunand with a CIA manager" ?
    Because i never need to make one myself since i own Gateway flashcard so i don't have informations about launching Gateway loader to make Emunand and install CIA mangager without a Gateway flashcard. if you have information about that please PM me so i can add it in this tutorial.

    If you use ninjhax1 or already have Rxtools installed on your SD card please update them with the files provide in this guide. It may not work if you use Ninjhax1 or Rxtools older version.

    Main step :
    - HOMEMENUHAX via BrowserHAX

    Follow all steps & you will be good !

    A) HOMEMENUHAX via BrowserHAX

    The homemenuhax is an exploit that will allow to launch the Homebrew Launcher or a CFW like RXtools from a coldboot, that means when you switch on your 3DS the Homebrew Launcher or CFW will boot directly after. To install the HOMEMENUHAX easily we will use 3DS/New3DS internet browser's last exploit, BrowserHAX. It will allows us to run the homebrew launcher & install Homemenuhax.

    1) Download and extract the Starter pack of Smealum : https://smealum.github.io/ninjhax2/starter.zip
    2) Copy the files on the root on the 3DS SDcard
    You have to know there is two type of Homemenuhax :
    Regular : You will have to hold the L button to launch the HAX when you boot the 3DS. Already is in Starter pack.
    Auto : There is no need to hold button to launch the HAX, when a button is hold it will launch the sysnand BUT THE AUTOBOOT VERSION (without holding the L button) CANNOT BE USE WITH A LINKED EMUNAND. Make sure your NAND & EMUNAND are UNLINKED. If they are LINKED USE THE REGULAR VERSION. (may not work with updated emunand > 9.2, need to be tested)
    - So if you want auto, download it there : https://www.dropbox.com/s/76qmy5q1iph6bjq/themehax_installer.zip?dl=1
    - extract it and copy files to your SDcard, overwrite the previous files.
    3) Put back the SDcard to the 3DS
    4) Switch on the 3DS/New3DS and turn off your wifi.
    5) Scan this QR code by pressing "L+R" and selecting the checkerboard icon
    7) Select "OK" to launch the web browser.
    8) Once the web browser is loaded, quit by pressing home button and enable wifi.
    You're done! Browserhax is now installed!
    9) Activate your wifi & launch the web browser, the bottom scrren will be yellow > gray > blue > red & finally boot on HBL. If it doesn't work, retry because the boot rate can be kinda low depends on the console & firmware.
    10) Run the themehax_installer v1.2 in the homebrew launcher.
    11) if you have a error, activate a theme in your 3DS either press A

    Now the Homebrew Launcher can be launch when the 3DS/New3DS boot depending on the installer you use, hold L button or not.


    This custom firmware will allows you run .CIA.

    1) Rename the boot.3DSX in your SDcard into bootHBL.3DSX
    2) Download Rxtools boot.3DSX (updated) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/ydvv3aa3mk1kuy7/rxtools.3dsx
    or this one https://gbatemp.net/attachments/rxtools-rar.26153/ if you think having a low boot rate, it may correct things.
    3) Put the Rxtools.3DSX of the extracted zip in the 3DS SDcard root
    3.1) Rename the Rxtoos.3dsx to boot.3dsx
    4) Download Rxtools nightly build : https://lavanoid.github.io/ or https://www.dropbox.com/sh/blmecish9rb1r87/AACOS5s8u0xucXy59vZk6i1pa?dl=0 (last one)
    5) Extract rxtools folder from Rxtools archive to sdcard root.
    ALTERNATIVE METHOD if you want to install multiples CFW and use Homebrew launcher at the same time

    6) Download Reinand 2.1 CFW
    7) In Reinand archive find firmware.bin (in rei folder) the MD5 must be 006559E2567DC7DF6C0F1AF17EDD9CE8
    7.1) extract it to rxtools/data (you may have to create it)
    7.2) rename the firmware.bin into 0004013820000002orig.bin
    8) Put back SDcard to the N3DS
    9) Power on your New3DS with your homemenuHax method (L or not)
    it should boot Rxtools and Emunand.

    FOR O3DS, 2DS USER :
    6) Find the firmware.bin ont the internet, the MD5 MUST be A9DCD99A360E8629810F8ED08403D746
    7) Put the Firmware.bin in Rxtools/sys
    8) Put back SDcard to the O3DS
    9) Power on your New3DS with your homemenuHax method (L or not)
    10) For the first boot you will see the installation suite, wait until the 6 square are full.
    it should boot to emunand automatically

    Ps: you can use other CFW if you don't like Rxtools

    For CakesFW
    CakesFW thread : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-cakesfw.391200/
    CakesFW boot.3DSX : https://www.dropbox.com/s/eigz92hojmnelrs/CakeBrah.zip?dl=1
    Take the Cakes.3DSX , rename it Boot.3DSX & put in SDcard root

    For Reinand (not tested)
    Reinand thread : http://gbatemp.net/threads/source-release-reinand-n3ds-cfw.394309/
    Reinand boot.3DSX : https://mega.nz/#!dp4knbDT!TDKIFrEbbJG2g1R4m7b9TC_JE63Fl7BTS0aKdYn ALsw
    Take the Reinand.3DSX , rename it Boot.3DSX & put in SDcard root

    C) Install a CIA manager : O3D, 2DS ONLY & Unlinked NAND ONLY ! (for the moment)
    - boot your 3DS
    - Hold L at debug screen toget into Rxtools menu
    - go to advanced tab (press right)
    - Select "Install FBI" & choose "emuNAND" by press the Y button
    - Press the B button, a message should appear.
    - Keep in mind the region of your 3DS & number of the line "Version of TMD : XXXX"
    - Power off your 3DS and put your SDcard in your computer
    - In the rxtools archive of this guide or any nigthly go to Release/Tools/fbi_injection/Your 3DS Region/The version number of TMD and copy the 2 files at the root of your SDcard.
    - Put Back your SdCard into you 3DS boot to RXtools menu
    - Go to Advanced > install FBI > choose Emunand & it should install FBI on your Emunand
    - Keep the files by pressing B on the follow screen.
    - Boot emunand and launch the safety app (yellow triangle)
    - it should launch FBI
    - Instal either big blue menu or any of your CIA.

    More informations :

    - if you have trouble to get into emunand after boot Rxtools follw this order of installation :
    - Format SDcard
    - create emunand : put launcher.dat & use the web browser to get gateway menu, select format
    - unlink emunand : go to Settings > remove your SDcard from 3DS > orange icon (bottom-right) > format
    - activate theme on sysnand : put back sdcard, use a theme
    - run browserhax : read guide
    - install themehax : read guide
    - install rxtools : read guide
    - launch rxtools : read guide
    - update emunand in rxtools : go to setting check that there is RX-E before firmware, update in settings
    - reboot

    - If want you want use differents Boot.3DSX at the same time, maybe a CFW and Homebrew Launcher, you can install Ctrbootmanager. It allows to choose which boot.3DSX or any files to boot when you switch on your 3S with HomemenuHAX.
    Link : http://gbatemp.net/threads/ctrbootmanager-3ds-boot-manager-loader-homemenuhax.398383/
    ubergeek77 said:
    Since ctrBootManager boots rxTools directly from code.bin, it is working very nicely as a replacement for the rxTools boot.3dsx. Anyone having problems should give that a try. And if you want your boot time to be fast as possible, change the timeout to 0 in boot.cfg, and if you ever need to boot into the menu, you can just hold select.

    - If 3D is broken just close your 3DS and open it should fix the 3D.
    - If you want to boot in sysnand with homemenuhax autoboot just hold any button at boot.

    - If you have a black screen tell in the comment what is the last thing that appear on your screens
    - if nothing work i suggest you to format your SDCard & retry every step of this guide, do not skip any of them, some old files on your sdcard may prevent the good behavior of this guide.
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