SEEDconv - seeddb.bin generator for use with Decrypt9

Discussion in '3DS Homebrew' started by Cha0s Em3rald, Oct 12, 2015.

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    SEEDconv - seeddb.bin generator for use with Decrypt9

    This thread was originally posted on GBA Temp here

    Thanks for the release & for allowing me to repost it on 3DS Chaos goes to d0k3

    Instructions: Get the file at nand:/data/<console-unique>/sysdata/0001000f/00000000 (only available on FW 9.6, thus only available with a hardmod or on EmuNAND). Copy this to some directory on your PC together with seedconv.exe. Then just drag and drop 00000000 (or multiple different 00000000 files) onto seedconv.exe, and a working seeddb.bin should automagically be generated. If multiple files are used, the seeddb.bin will contain all unique seeds from all files.

    If you drag and drop one or multiple seeddb.bin files (rename them first, must not be called 'seeddb.bin'!), the unique seeds from them will also get added to the newly generated seeddb.bin file. This works also when drag and dropping alongside one or multiple 00000000 files.

    Source Code:

    You're on your own for getting that nand:/data/<console-unique>/sysdata/0001000f/00000000 file - but as I said, you need a hardmod or EmuNAND to dump that from your 9.6.0+ NAND. Also, no seeddb.bin releases in this thread, please, as I fear that won't go well with GBAtemp rules. Share that stuff somewhere else [​IMG]. The game specific seeds, by the way, are not console unique, as confirmed by Shadowtrance. However, your 00000000 file may be, so be careful.

    ... and before I forget about it, thanks go to everyone who helped solving this mystery, including @Shadowtrance, @mixups, @key1340 and @k8099.

    Alternate download links

    Vidzi - Fast Free Host

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