(Tut) How To Use SuperCard DS2+ (or GW)without OOT or Cubic Ninja (N3DS_9.0-9.2)

Discussion in '3DS Tutorials' started by DayVeeBoi, Dec 18, 2015.

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    Install SuperCard DStwo+ without Zelda OOT or Cubic Ninja for New 3DS Firmwares 9.0.x-9.2.x

    1. Download all necessary files.
    For ease of use I have provided all necessary files here--> SC_INSTALL.ZIP Although I encourage you to visit the rightful owners sites rather than download random **** blindly. I apologize to the owners of the files, I am a pirate. My bad.

    2. Install HomeBrew Launcher.
    There's a detailed install guide as well as safe download links at Yellow8's BrowserHax page here--> Nintendo 3DS web-browser exploits

    3. Install PastaCFW and CIA installer.
    The following info I extricated from this guide--> https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-install-a-cfw-on-a-9-0-9-2-n3ds-without-cn-oot.398394/ and there are links to the necessary files on that page which didnt work for me but your mileage may vary. I have provided the files I used in this--> SC_INSTALL.ZIP

    3a. Copy the MiniPastaCFW folder from (SC_INSTALL.ZIP) to the 3ds folder on your internal SD card.

    3b. Copy the FBI folder from (SC_INSTALL.ZIP) to the 3ds folder on your internal SD card.

    3c. Copy the file DevMenu.cia from /SC_Install/DevMenu/ to the root of your internal SD card.

    3d. Start the HomeBrew Launcher and choose MiniPasta from the menu.

    3e. When you are returned to the Home Menu of your New 3DS, open your browser and start the HomeBrew Launcher Again.

    3f. Select FBI from the HomeBrew Launcher menu.

    3g. Use FBI to install the DevMenu.cia that you copied to the root of your internal SD card.

    4. Install the SuperCard firmware and GateWay Emulator plugin to you SuperCard DStwo+. The newest version are available at--> http://eng.supercard.sc/download.html

    4a. Copy the _dstwo folder from /SC_Install/SuperCardFiles/ to the root of the SD card you are using in your SuperCard FlashCart, NOT THE INTERNAL SD CARD!!!

    4b. Copy the _dstwoplug folder from /SC_Install/SuperCardFiles/GW_SIMULATOR/ to the root of the SD card you are using in your SuperCard FlashCart, NOT THE INTERNAL SD CARD!!!

    4c. Put the SD card into the SuperCard FlashCart. Insert the FlashCart in your N3DS and turn on the power.

    4d. Start the SuperCard OS by choosing ALEX RIDER STORMBREAKER in the Home Menu of your New 3DS.

    4e. Choose the GW icon to start the GateWay Simulator install process.

    4F. Press "A" to continue, then select "New 3DS". Now choose the correct region for your device.

    4g. After programming is complete press "A" to exit installer and power off the device.

    5. Install Cubic Ninja and Gateway. There is detailed instructions for Gateway-3DS in the PDF I have
    provided in the SC_Install.zip as well as details to acquire necessary gateway files. DO NOT USE THE GATEWAY 3.5 FILES.

    5a. Copy launcher.dat from /SC_Install/GateWayFiles/ folder to the root of your N3DS internal SD card.

    5b. Copy the file CUBIC_US.CIA from the folder /SC_Install/Cubic/ to the root of your internal SD card.

    5c. Start the HomeBrew Launcher and select PastaCFW in the menu.

    5d. Start DevMenu from the home menu of your N3DS.

    5e. Install the CUBIC_US.CIA from your internal SD card. Quit DevMenu after install is complete.

    5f. Start Cubic Ninja from the N3DS Home Menu. Choose "Create", then choose "QR Code". Now select "Scan QR Code".

    5g. On your computer go to the folder /SC_Install/GateWayFiles/CubicNinjaQR/ and open the correct image file for your region and scan it with Cubic Ninja QR reader on your N3DS System.

    5h. In the GateWay menu choose "BACKUP SYSTEM NAND" and press "A" to begin the process. It takes about 10 minutes or less.

    5I. Once the back-up has completed, turn off the 3ds system and take out your internal SD card. Copy the file NAND.BIN to your computer and keep it somewhere safe.

    6. Install DS Profile MSET exploit. The following files and instructions are also available at the GateWay website. DO NOT USE GATEWAY 3.5, SuperCard GW emulator is only compatible with GateWay Ultra 3.0 to 3.4.1

    6a. Copy the correct DS Profile Install .cia foor your region from /SC_Install/GateWayFiles/N3DS_MSET_4.5_CIA/ to the root of your N3DS INTERNAL SD CARD.

    6b. Copy the DevMenu.3ds from /SC_Install/DevMenu/ to the root of your SUPERCARD DSTWO+ SD CARD.

    6c. Start your N3DS and launch the GateWay menu by following the same process as before. (HomeBrew Launcher--> MiniPasta--> Cubic Ninja QR code.)

    6d. Make sure you have your SD Card in your SuperCard FlashCart and once you are in the gateway menu, put the FlashCart into the N3DS.

    6e. Select "NVRAM INSTALL" from the GateWay menu, and follow the instructions to completion.

    6f. In the GateWay menu use your D-Pad to highlight "BOOT GATEWAY MODE". Hold "B", then press "A" at the same time. Now press only "X" to boot into GateWay Mode SysNand.

    6g. Press "Select" to open the ROM selection tool and choose the "DevMenu" ROM from the list to start DevMenu.

    6f. Press "Right" on your D-Pad once to choose the DevMenu "Import" tab.

    6g. Use your D-Pad "Down" key to highlight the "mset_xxx.cia" and press "A" to install it.

    6h. When DevMenu has finished the install process, press "Home" and close the software. The Profile Exploit should now be available in Set-Up.

    You should now setup your EmuNand and unlink from the SysNand. There are plenty of guides out there if you just Google it. If you got this far, the hardest part is behind you. You should be familiar enough to sort out the rest yourself. I had to.

    Thank You to: Smealum, GateWay, Yellow8, Whoever developed PastaCFW, SuperCard, and thanks most of all to everyone at gbatemp.net who without them I would still be stuck where you guys were. Anyone who is pisssed that I am linking their files, I am sorry. I believe all software and source should be freely available and by providing necessary files all in one place it might allow some Noob who wouldve tossed the DS and flashcarts in a drawer and gave up, to consume your homebrew and products in the future (further down the steep learning curve). The files and info are available, I mustve got them somewhere. Thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing this guide
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    Thanks for the guide
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