[TUTORIAL] - Change/Modify Textures from Banner.bin without Losing Animation

Discussion in '3DS Tutorials' started by Cha0s Em3rald, Oct 13, 2015.

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    [TUTORIAL] - Change/Modify Textures from Banner.bin without Losing Animation

    This guide was originally posted by MDashK, thanks go to him for allowing me to repost all his guides & credits go to everyone involved in adding the info & tools to compile the guide

    This is a simple tutorial used to change the textures of a Banner.bin file.
    Specifically, in this example, I will use the GameGear VC animated 3D banner, and change the title screen of the game that shows in the 3D banner.
    This tutorial, I believe, can be used to other textures and other types of banners, at least, as a base.

    First, you use 3DSExplorer to open the Banner.bnr (renamed from banner.bin) file. MUST HAVE THIS NAME. Otherwise, won't work.
    In 3DSExplorer, extract the CGFX part of the Banner.bnr file.

    With the Banner CGFX at hand, follow the tutorial:

    Download these 2 tools:

    - Extract original Texture from CGFX file using texturipper 1.2
    - It will spit out the textures in PNG format and a TXT file with parameters of textures
    - Analise TXT file:


    type:20000011 tformat:03 tofs:0000FD00 size:00008000 ofs:00001F14 format:00006754 formattype:00008363 mipmap:00000001 texobj:00000000 locflag:00000000
    name:COMMON2 revision:05000000 udictcount:00000000 udictOffset:00000000 w:128 h:128

    - View INFO.TXT
    - You need to know: Texture Format and Texture Start Data


    tformat:03 : means texture format is RGB565
    tofs:0000FD00 : means texture data start at 0xFD00

    CAUTION: Specifically to the GameGear banner, converting the PNG back to RGB565 will give green-ish images. So you'll have to conver them to RGBA4444 format.

    See the table in INFO.TXT to know the texture format accordingly.

    - With those parameters sorted out, use ctr_texture tool to convert PNG to CGFX. Use RGBA4444 format (in this case)
    - Now, with CGFX created, open the original Banner CGFX in WinHEX or other HEX editor.
    - Go to the offset collected previously. That is where the CGFX you want to change begins.
    - Open the CGFX created file texture in WinHEX, and copy all it's content.
    - Then, overwrite the content in the original Banner CGFX. REMEMBER TO OVERWRITE, NOT ADD!

    Seek to offset: ofs(0x1F14)+0x30 = (0x1F44), and change this flag (03) to 0x4(RGBA4444) = (04).
    - Save with different name.
    - The banner CGFX should now be edited and customized.
    - Now, you can use this CGFX with BannerTool to create the custom Banner.bnr file.

    Special Thanks to LITTOMA over at GBATemp for helping me out with all the process.
    Special Thanks to Normmatt over at GBATemp for the Texturipper tool.

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