[TUTORIAL] - Convert GameBoy Color (GBC) ROMs to GBC VC 3DS and CIA files

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    [TUTORIAL] - Convert GameBoy Color (GBC) ROMs to GBC VC 3DS and CIA files

    This guide was originally writen by davhuit of GBA Temp, credit & thanks go to him for allowing me to repost his guides on 3DS Chaos


    Someone asked me some tutorials in a private message and though there might be some on the web, I decided to write mines to help, and I'll share them here.

    So, how to convert a GBC rom to a 3DS GBC VC easily :

    Note : GBC games are a bit different than GB games. If you create a .3DS file with the same tutorial, it'll work but you'll get problems when you'll try to
    convert this 3DS GBC file to a CIA file. There's a 50% probability the game won't run as a cia file and will you an black screen error message. So, there will be
    two tutorials in this thread.


    Just follow the GameBoy tutorial here : [TUTORIAL] - Convert GameBoy(GB) ROMs to GB VC 3DS and CIA files The method also works with .gbc files.

    /!\ WARNING /!\ : If you want the final file to be a .CIA one, don't follow the GameBoy tutorial thinking you'll just convert the .3DS file to a .CIA one like the GameBoy one because you have 50% probability to see the game give you a black screen error message at each boot. So, if you want a 3DS GBC file, the GameBoy tutorial is fine, just stop following it once the .3DS file is created. If you want a .CIA file, follow the tutorial n°2 which is just after this paragraph.



    1) First, download this pack of tools that contains everything you need : Download 3DS CIA Converter GBC rar and extract it in a folder. You also need need Python Download python msi and Pillow Download Pillow win amd64 py2 exe installed on your computer. installed on your computer but you'll also need them for the banner/icons parts anyway.

    2) Download a GBC Rom. If you are wondering why I tend to prefer to use European games instead of USA ones, just be aware that unlike the NES/Snes era, Handheld
    systems have always runned at the same speed, even the old GameBoy games so it's pretty useless in my opinion to only use USA games when you can do one with more
    languages included. Well, for GameBoy games, it's not really important because multi-languages games weren't released on this sytem, but GameBoy Color have some
    multi-languages games. Now that the rom is downloaded, extract it in the same folder you extracted the tools.

    3) You need to create proper banner/icons. To know how, check this tutorial : [TUTORIAL] - Create banners/icons for NES/GameBoy/GameBoy Color/GameGear/Genesis

    4) If you followed with success the tutorial in the step 3, you should now have two files. One called "banner.bin" and another one called "icon.bin" which are
    the banner and two icons required to create a custom GBC VC game.

    5) Now, run "3DS To CIA Converter.bat". It'll offer you several possibilities :

    * Type : 3 (Converters), then 5 (Start VC 3DS to CIA Converter).

    * When it ask for the 3DS rom name, enter "bbb-p-pkcr.3ds".

    * Answer "n" to the message "Try Alternative Method if Previous Failed (note that the "n" should be a lowercase one for the choice, even if the message show uppercases letters).

    * Answer "y" to the message "Would You Like To Replace The NES/GB/GBC/GBA Rom (again, the "y" should be a lowercase one for the choice)

    * The message "Enter NES/GB/GBC/GBA Rom Name (including extension) will be displayed. Leave the window open for now, we'll have to do a few other things before entering the rom name and continue.

    * Go back in the directory, a few new files/directory should have been created. Take your "banner.bin" and "icon.bin" you prepared earlier, then copy-paste/move them in the "exefs" directory (overwrite the old ones).

    * Before you continue, if you have a .gbc file with a long name, rename it, the convert tends to not like long filename. The name of my rom was "Shadowgate Classic (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,Sv).gbc" so I renamed it to "shadowgate.gbc".

    * Now, go back to the window you left open earlier, and enter the rom name, in my example "shadowgate.gbc", then press enter.

    * For the "Game Title", put whatever you want but again, it tends to not like long filename (you should also avoid slash and such characters) so personally, I put : Shadowgate EU MULTI

    * For the Custom Product Code, you can put whatever you want as long as you respect the original example (XXX-X-XXXX). Personally, I use the template "CTR-G-XXXX" (G = GameBoy) so in this example, I put : CTR-G-SHGC

    * For the Unique ID, you can put whatever you want as long as you respect the number of digits (five). Personally, I put : 03001

    * Just wait until you are asked to choose a name for your cia file. Personally, I put "shadowgate.cia". If you don't enter any name and just press enter, it'll use the same name as the .gbc file.

    * The message "CIA File Created Now Copy to 3DS Large SD Card And Install Through DevMenu" will be displayed, just press any key to continue.

    * To close the program, either hit enter in the first menu as written in the screen or just close it manually with the cross in the upper-right corner, whatever is fine.

    * The cia file is created, so the tutorial is over

    With this method, you'll avoid to have a black screen error message each time you boot some games. You might still get one but it should be pretty rare. So if you boot the .cia and see it, just reboot the 3DS and reload it and it should be fine (contrary to the 3DS to CIA method, where you'll get the error message at
    each boot).

    As I said in my VC thread :

    (Note : GBC games sometimes (rarely) give a black screen with a error message after booting. If it happen, reboot your 3DS and launch the game again, and it
    should work. All the games available have been tested so all of them were booted successfully at least once).
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