[TUTORIAL] - Play DSiWare in your 3DS!

Discussion in '3DS Tutorials' started by Cha0s Em3rald, Oct 13, 2015.

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    [TUTORIAL] - Play DSiWare in your 3DS!

    This guide was originally posted by MDashK, thanks go to him for allowing me to repost his guides & everyone else involved in the guide & the methods to fo this

    First things first.

    KEEP IN MIND: Each time you run a DSiWare game, the exploit must be re-installed again. Running DS Game or DSi game will remove the exploit of the console.

    WARNING: the CFW used isn't the original CFW from yellow8 (AKA Palantine CFW) , but the PBT-CFW by nop90, that is a mod of the Palantine CFW made to work on sysnand and not with emunand.
    Don't ever try to install a system update on sysnand with this tool or you'll brick your 3DS.
    This is why it's called PBT-CFW, that means "Perfect Bricking Tool - Custom Firmware".
    - Latest GateWay Launcher DAT (so you will need GateWay card). There is other method that does not need GateWay. Will mention it later in the tutorial.
    - 3DS file of BigBlueMenu or DevMenu on GateWay card.
    - CIA file of DSiWare games you want. (can be any region).
    - Some patience (CFW does not always boot, may take several tries and reboots of the console. If you do not own GateWay, you will need a little more patience, since DevMenu running in CFW, when trying to install CIA files, may sometimes freeze...).

    You can get a "pre-ready" SD root here: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/LNoLColO/file.html
    Just extract the RAR file to the root of your SD card. This RAR does not include 3DS BBM nor DevMenu. But it does include the GateWay launcher.
    Read the TXT file inside for more information.

    - You will need to install DevMenu CIA directly into sysNAND so that you can boot up the game.
    You can do this using the method described here: Go there. https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-4-5-sysnand-4-5-cfw-9-4-emunand-without-gateway.378721/
    The steps you need to perform are from Part 2, steps from 13 to 18. You will need the "Palantine CFW" files of that page.
    Basically, you will use ctrclient to install DevMenu to sysNAND over network connection.

    In this case, you will ALSO need to install DevMenu to sysNAND over network, like method above.
    But keep in mind that it may take multiple tries to install CIA over DevMenu. Somehow, DevMenu seems to be more unstable running in CFW mode.
    That's why I recommend installing the CIA files in GateWay mode.

    Basically, we will use GateWay mode to run DevMenu in a more secure and stable way, and install the DSiWare CIA files to sysNAND!
    So, run this from a SD card WITHOUT EMUNAND. So that GateWay boots in sysNAND and not other NAND.

    1. Run GateWay mode. (be shure that after entering GateWay mode, you are still in sysNAND, RUN WITH SD CARD WITHOUT EMUNAND INSTALLED).
    2. Run BigBlueMenu/DevMenu 3DS file from card.
    3. Install the DSiWare CIA file that you want. It will be installed to sysNAND.
    4. Now, exit BBM/DevM with home. Reboot console.
    5. Change launcher in SD card (from GateWay to PBT-CFW DAT).
    5. Re-insert SD card in console, Boot console again.
    6. In console menu, if the game you installed appears, it's from same region. If not, it's from another region. No problem.
    7. Run exploit. Now, it will run CFW mode. Check that the upper screen gets Dark Blue color, and that the lower screen flashes white for a brief moment.
    If it doesn't flash white, restart console and try again until it does. (no need to be pressing L button).

    8. After eventually entering CFW mode:
    - If the game is from the same region of console, it will show up in menu, just execute it normally. It will run OK.
    - If the game DOES NOT show up in the console menu, it means it's not from the same region of the console. So, in this case, you need to run the game from within DevMenu (previously installed in sysNAND). So, open DevMenu, select the game, and press A to launch the game!

    I think I didn't forget anything, If so, I will update the thread later on.
    Hope this helps out everyone wanting to play DSiWare games. =)

    This method was tested with the DSiWare game "Zelda 4 Swords" NOT previously owned on the console and NOT from the same region of the console.
    USA game on EUR 3DS XL console.


    A BIG SPECIAL THANKS to nop90 for all his help, his PBT-CFW and his hard work.
    Another Big Special Thanks to everyone involved in the original CFW that PBT is based on.
    And, of course, another Big Special Thanks to everyone that's been sharing all the DSiWare titles. =)

    Tested GBA games installed in CIA on CFW. They still do not work using this method. Being launched directly from menu, or using DevMenu to launch them, the 3DS always gives "An error occured" and that's that.
    Don't know what I did wrong the last time I tested this...
    GBA runs OK in PBT-CFW. Only tested same region CIA GBA files, so I don't know if other region games run OK when executed using DevMenu.
    Tested 3 of the Ambassador GBA games, run flawlessly. Each time you exit the game, you have to enter the CFW again using the exploit. No re-installation of the exploit is needed.

    DSiWare games from different region won't work.
    Ex: Zelda 4 Swords from USA won't work with PAL version, and vice-versa.
    Special thanks to Gohan D. Geo for finding this out.

    Special Request (Complete):
    Anyone has a Nintendo DSi with AlphaBounce installed, that can dump the game? AFAIK, a DSiWare dump made from a DSi console can be easily decrypted using DSi SRL Extractor. My goal would try to run the game in no$gba, since it now has experimental DSiWare support. Thanks. (More info here)
    UPDATE: Done! Get it here! Special Thanks to einstein95.

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    What the easiest/fastest method to play DSiWare with rxTools 3DS US 4.5 emuNAND 10.1?
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